Have to show my you my new Starbag

  1. I'm So pleased with my new Rika Starbag :p
    Does any of you know Rika bags??
    Rika 1.JPG Rika 2.JPG Rika 3.JPG
  2. Congrats to your new bag I don't know this brand but it looks like very nice leather, enjoy!
  3. lovely bag. Do they sell this in the states?
  4. very cute!
    you should provide more details!
  5. Thanks :smile: It's made of soft cafskin - Yes it does sell in the states :smile:

    In Denmark it's 4300 kr (772 usd)
    rika 4.JPG rika 5.JPG rika 6.JPG rika 7.JPG rika 8.JPG
  6. Lovely bag and I also love your hair. So rare that you see a woman go au naturel on hair color, it really suits you. :tup:
  7. Ohh..wow...thanks a lot on the hair Janinevs!!! :smile: