Have to share this GUT-SPLITTING Bbag Birthday card

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  1. I got this email birthday greeting card from my sister today, and haven't been able to stop laughing yet. yes, that's me. Please forgive the fake Bbags, my sis isn't obsessed by these bags, but she is incredibly creative. Enjoy!

  2. Is it yr birthday? Blessed birthday!!!! :smile:
  3. HAHAHA!! I love it. Happy Birthday Deco!!!!!:drinkup:
  4. That card is sooooo CUTE!!! :nuts:
  5. Hahaha! That is too cute she knows you so well! :lol: :tender: Happy B-day Decophile! :balloon:
  6. Hilarious!!! I love cards like this one :crybaby: :roflmfao:
    Hope you had a great day :heart:
  7. hahahhahahahha I love it.
  8. :lol: ...........Happy Birthday to you!:balloon:
  9. cute!! Happy Birthday Deco!
  10. Brilliant card
  11. Happy B-day, Deco! The girl (or boy) looks like my little daughter!
  12. this is so amazing! I just wanna give a big hug to your sister for being so witty and cute!!!!
  13. :roflmfao: Perfect card for Balenciaga nuts everywhere!!! You know how crazy you've gotten about Bal-bags when in between giggles you're contemplating style, color, and where to buy the bags!!! Thanks for sharing the laughs Deco!
  14. That's such a great and thoughtful card...!
    Thanks for sharing I'm shure you had a wonderful day!
  15. :yahoo: Happy Birthday to U:yahoo:

    Your sis dit a very nice thing.

    Presents? B-bags,

    Hugs from me:heart: