Have To Share This Beauty!

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  1. This past fall at our last tPF meeting in Charlotte, one of our lovely members had some KILLA jewelry, particularly a ring I couldn't take my eyes off. She told me where she had gotten it and I just today, got a ring for myself. Probably won't be my last. :devil:

    Here is my Gerochristo ring, fresh from Greece that I ordered from Plakadirect/Athena's Treasures on eBay. It's HEAVY silver, aquamarine & the center ruby is set in 18K. I just love big flashy rings. :tender:


    Pardon the age spots. I'm no spring chicken, but isn't the ring GORGEOUS! :nuts:
  2. Here's the stock shot of the profile of the ring. I couldn't get a clear one with my silly little camera!

  3. Fabulous ring--I'm off to research Gerochristo!
  4. very pretty! enjoy it!
  5. It's absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for sharing...........well, DH probably won't thank you! :smile:
  6. OMG, the side is amazing! I adore rings with detailing on the edge like that. Congratulations on a real beauty.
  7. It's beautiful. I've admired their things on ebay for a long time!
  8. Oh, that IS pretty! I'm going to check out that site now :yes:
  9. That is a very pretty ring!!! Congrats!!!
  10. wow, I love it! congrats!
  11. it's beautiful, i thought it look like a konstantino ring.
  12. Fantastic, congrats!

  13. Plakadirect also sells Konstantino pieces. :graucho:
  14. Oh my gosh, no way, many thanks to you for sharing this beauty. Yes it's a BEAUTY. I'm off to do some ring searchin too! I've always loved big cocktail/sassy rings.

  15. This one is next on my list. :graucho: