Have to share my EXCITEMENT!!


Jan 25, 2006
I went to the pound today to help my sis-in-law pick out a kitty:yes: ......low and behold I ended up looking at the doggies too,.... and there she was the most adorable, loving and to me PERFECT boxer (which my hubby and I have been dying for) sitting there so calm and cool while all of the other fur babies were going nuts. I sat down next to her, she snuggled up next to me with the prison bars between us and put out her little paw on my hand:love: . Im telling you it was love at first sight:heart: She wont be available until Dec. 22nd and she already has 1 hold on her:crybaby: Being able to adopt her would be the greatest Christmas gift ever! I so hope this thread ends with exciting new pics of this sweet new doggie here at home. Please say a prayer for me and this sweet boxer!! Oh by the way my sis-in-law got her kitty!!:nuts:
OMG Ranskimmie my fingers are crossed for you!! She sounds fabulous!!

Good for you and your sis-in-law for rescuing a pound animal:smile:

What a heart warming story!! :smile:
Ranskimmie, you know I am sending prayers your way for this dog. I can just picture it--boxers love people more than they do other dogs and she connected with you.

We've been approved by our local boxer rescue to adopt another dog after the holidays, so I'm rooting for you and us as well.

:heart: Good luck!!!
OMG I do hope this boxer comes to you. If the first people drop out or something you know it was "Fate" that you were meant to be together.

Shall keep my fingers cross
I hope everything works out for you! It's wonderful you are adopting from a shelter. My heart goes out to you! I've heard that a lot of times the people on waiting lists don't end up getting the pets for whatever reason, so I have a sense that your chances are really good this baby will come home with you! Fingers crossed!
My cat, Gilbert, came from the pound. We got him when he was 3 months old. You could not ask for a better cat. He does absolutely nothing wrong. Doesn't claw the furniture, always uses his litter box, he's an absolute angel. He just wants to be loved all of the time. He's 22 lbs of pure love!

More people should adopt pets instead of paying high prices for special breeds. Good luck and I hope and pray you get your dog soon!
Thanks everyone!! I was just contacted by another owner of another boxer (who is also georgeous) who would love for me to adopt him too. Im having a super hard time saying no, YIKES!! Any suggestions?
OMG, I love him--he's so beautiful and has that boxer pride. Not my business, but why does Boo Boo's owner want to give him to another family? In any case, he would be the luckiest dog ever to have you! I wouldn't be able to not take him, but I love dogs, esp. boxers, so much.

Best wishes to you, ranskimmie, whatever you decide!:heart:
BooBoo is so Charming. I have a boxer as well named Nico. I understand what wonderful pets they make, male or female and I hope you get either one. They will love you endlessly and you will fall head over heals in love with either one. Please keep us informed. This is wonderful.