have to share my bargain...

  1. with people who'd appreciate!
    i just picked up a mbmj softy clutch in chocolate for 66 bucks! i was walking through bloomingdales with my daughter (who is nearly 2 and VERY non-stop), so i very quickly stopped at the wallet counter and asked them to check the price. it wasn't marked down but knowing it's an old color i thought i might as well ask. 66 bucks! nice! and the whole transaction only took about 2 minutes...quick enough that my daughter didn't freak out!

    and i was watching a camouflage one on eBay that had a missing zipper pull--it went for 78!
  2. :nuts: WOW! It pays off to pay attention to seasonal colors! WOOHOO! I hope this awesome find gives you the adrenaline rush to keep up with your daughter!!
  3. Congrats on your deal
  4. Whaaaaaaat 66 bucks???
    Congratulations!!!!!!! Post pics asap.
  5. Congratulations! That's a great deal!
  6. What an amazing bargain--congrats!
  7. yay! Love when people get good deals. Bloomies is having additional 50% off all discounted items this weekend!!
  8. Gasp! Great deal, please post pics of your find! And that's awesome that you were looking for one anyways!
    I also love it when you can get deals in department stores... don't have to deal with the hassles and doubts of eBay!
  9. great bargain! I have to get out to Bloomies!!!
  10. amazing! i was watching that one on eBay too with the missing zipper pull...but i refused to pay over $50 for it...
  11. Wow that is awesome, congrats..can i say i am tiny bit jealous:blush:
  12. nice deal!
  13. here's a pic--
    i love it!!!
  14. Congrats!!! What a find!!

    She's soooooo purty!
  15. awesome price! ^_^