have to share, as this is just hysterical...."jacobs by MbyMJ"

  1. GENIUS:roflmfao:
  2. i have that bag! cost a whole $12 at the mbymj store.
  3. I want one! lol! :love:

    They are selling for at least 2x of retail on eBay. :push:
  4. i know, the nerve of people trying to sell the bag for $40
  5. this bag goes for 100 dollars on eBay when it first came out it made me SICK! haha. I have it and i love it so much I use it everyday for my books
  6. It's cute! great for groceries I bet. I wonder if he's using that phrase for his canvas cheapie bags?
  7. That's funny. At least no one will be asking who made that bag. I'm always getting that question with the non-logo things.
  8. Does anyone know if the M by MJ stores ship like the Collections stores? I really do love that bag and I think it is perfect for school. I hate having to take my work stuff out of my bag and put my school stuff in.

  9. ^ I think I've read that they will ship, but the fee is a standard $20 no matter what you buy (just like the Collection stores).