Have to sell my Chanel pink/blk cambon bowling

  1. I got my pink/black cambon bowling today and while it's gorgeous it's just not my style after all :cry: Gosh I wish I could see things in person before buying, but I live in the boons :censor:

    I'm going to list it on ebay - should I do BIN at a high price or do lower with a reserve (or no reserve)? Is there a day to list on ebay that's better than others? It's BRAND NEW and in immaculate condition. I don't have a receipt though...I'd like to get close to retail value for it as it's perfect! Figures I missed the 10cent listing day :amazed:

    I would love thoughts - thanks girls :rolleyes:

  2. I think the bowler is cute ... good luck with your sale! As for selling, I've never sold on Ebay, can't help you there. I would put a reserve though ... at the absolute minimum you would take for the bag.
  3. Right - are there any pictures that I need to take to have there be no questions the Chanel is authentic? Like the zipper pull, hologram card matching inside #, front, side, back...anything else specific? Thank you!
  4. Yes, take lots of pics in case a buyer asks for more. I would show the front, back, side, bottom, inside lining, hologram card matching serial #, zipper pull ... all in nice clear shots. These are the things I like to see if I'm a buyer.
  5. I'm afraid you won't get close to retail for it. Buyers on eBay are looking for cheap deals unless it's something that's hard to get or sold out everywhere. These bags were recently on sale at NM's at 30% off. I am told they will probably be on sale again at the end of the month.

    Take lots of pictures of everything.

    Best of luck.
  6. Thanks for telling me about the recent sales...are they discontinuing the line though? I figure I'll ask for about $900ish for it which is about the 30% off retail.
  7. No, they're discontinuing the pink and beige colors, but not the entire cambon line.
  8. Can you just return the bag so you wouldn't lose any money? It's very cute, enjoy it for awhile and then if you sell it for less than retail it wouldn't be a loss to you.:yes:
  9. Even without a receipt you may be able to exchange/return it to the store you purchased it from and use the credit for something you will like.

    Listing it on eBay may cause you to lose money since they take like 5% and then PayPal takes another 3% even though they're technically the same company.

    Listing with a Reserve is A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE than listing a higher starting bid.
  10. I agree, you should just try to return it to the store you bought it from. If anything, you should recieve store credit.

    Where'd you buy the bag from? I've returned items to both Saks and NM without a receipt. But then again, the SA at both places knew me by my first name..:shame:
  11. Yes, I agree. Try exchanging it for something else. Darn, don't you wish the marketplace was up? I hate Ebay!
  12. That color and style seems to go for about $950ish.
  13. Boy do I WISH the marketplace was still up.
    I just liisted on ebay for close to the 25-30% off retail sale prices to be competitive :love: I hope it sells! It's so beautiful but I can't pull it off.

  14. its preety!!!! i hope u dont mind me asking, but is this the same bag u bought for 750$ for your sister??
  15. i bought the same bag on ebay for $850.. love it! hopefully u can exchange it at the store u bought it at. but if u opt for ebay, take tons of pictures, provide a lot of information on where you got it, and details. i say start low with a reserve, as well as a BIN. good luck!