have to rant!

  1. I'm so mad right now and you guys are the only one who can feel my pain! I had my mono speedy 30 on the edge of my file cabinet(less than 2 months old) and then my cat jumped from the floor and must have thought that he was going to land on top of the speedy, but miscalculated and actually scratched my speedy to "help" him up on the way up!! Now if you look close you will see a scratch mark and several holes in the canvas. I am soooooo mad right now! It was the worst scratching sound and I almost fainted in horror when I saw and heard what was happening. aughh!
  2. Oh my goodness. I am sooo sorry. You must be fuming! I don't know what to tell you except that we all really feel your pain!
  3. Rileygirl- I am laughing because my cat's name that scratched my bag is Riley!
  4. OMG I am soooo sorry,I hope you can get it fixed, I think LV have a repair service so maybe send it to them?
  5. I am so sorry. That is so miserable. Hopefully the damage can be fixed.
  6. *hug*
  7. I'm sorry this happen BAD CAT!! I don't think it can be fixed (sorry) as it would need to replace the canvas as the bag is one piece that would be a hold new bag. Once again Sorry!
  8. Oh, no...so sorry to hear that.
  9. I'm sorry. Is your cat wild to scratch through the durable, new Louis Vuitton canvas? :shrugs:
  10. So sorry that happened to you so awful!
  11. :wtf: :crybaby: I'm sorry to hear that........
  12. Oh, NO!!! If your cat is anything like my Jack Russell Terrier whose name is Riley I really feel sorry for you. Riley is a baaaaaad name for an animal, so naughty!!!!

    Really funny though...but not about the bag!
  13. Thanks for all your support!! My cat was in one of his hyper stages and ran as fast as he could from across the room and jumped with full force! The scratch and holes are not that bad like I made it out to sound when I was fuming 10 minutes ago when I wrote this. You cannot see it unless you look closely but it is driving me crazy. if you look in the sunlight, you will see a lighter scratch mark on the canvas and then there are 2 little holes on one of the logos and then several white dots on the canvas where the scratch line is. I am assuming that he peeled a little off!
  14. Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear this. Very frustrating.
  15. So sorry to hear that- but I am sure it does not look bad