Have to give dog up, need some hugs :(

  1. Hi everyone, I'd just like to get something off my chest and I know you fellow animal-lovers will understand.

    I work in a vet clinic and a couple of weeks ago a lady brought in a stray dog that she had found wandering on the streets near us. The dog was unkempt with matted and long daggy hair, ridden with fleas, dehydrated and starving, and looked to be a young unsterilised female dog - she looks young and she has perfect teeth and eyes -. No collar or ID tag, no microchip.

    So I gave her a bath and we cleaned her up a little bit. Groomed her, got rid of the fleas, dewormed her etc. She looks so much better now. Over the last week I brought her home with me to spend X'mas as I didn't want her to be locked in a cage at the clinic when we were only going to be open 2 hours a day on the public holidays.

    I've grown really attached to her, and she is just the sweetest little dog. She follows me around everywhere, even into the bathroom. And she's happy to just curl up next to me and snooze. She's perfectly housetrained and doesnt "go" in the house AT ALL. I walk her twice a day. My cat and her get along fine (well, the cat avoids her as much as possible but otherwise no fighting.) She loves car rides and so far I've taken her to the beach twice.

    Yesterday we got a call from the rangers with a similar missing dog report and we called the "owners" to follow up. The situation is the dog belongs to the kids and the ex-wife. The ex-wife has gone overseas for a holiday and put the kids and dog with the ex-husband. This ex-husband doesn't even know much about the dog and initially told us the missing dog was "8 years old and fat", which she most definitely is NOT. He also said the dog eats everything, but I know she's a fussy eater. He described her as brown and white, but this dog is more cream and light gold. He has no proof of ownership in the form of photos etc, since the dog is not his and the ex-wife's out of the country. It didn't sound like the right dog to me and another nurse. The problem is, she's so friendly, she goes up to everyone and wants to lick them or follow them. And she responds to every name we call her... so it's not really the name, she just responds to people all the time!

    All they did was turn up at the clinic, look at the digital photos we took of this now beautiful dog, and the 12 yo kid and another lady (not sure who? nanny? carer? new girlfriend? stepmom?) said the dog belongs to them. They did not see the actual dog because she's at home with me. I'm not convinced they are the true owners but my practice manager said just give the dog to them.

    So I have to bring the little darling in tomorrow and give her to them. I'm just feeling a little sad because I had hoped I could get to keep her, and it breaks my heart to think she could go back to being a mangy fleabag. I know that if they are her true owners, she would be happier with them, and of course the kids must miss the dog heaps, and it's not right for me to keep someone else's dog, but I'm going to miss her.

    Thanks for reading this long story! I just needed to share. :sad: I'm still hoping for a miracle! Maybe they'll turn up and realise it's NOT their dog? *hopeful*



  2. Gosh, I wish I had some good advice, but I don't. It seems odd that some proof isn't required before they take this dog. Can you bring that up with whoever is in charge? That can't be normal protocol, can it? If so, anyone could take someone else's dog, just by declaring it belongs to them.

    You must be feeling nearly heartbroken after beginning to bond with this dog. I'm so sorry if you do indeed have to turn the dog over. ((hugs))

    There are lots of other deserving pets to rescue. I'm not saying it would be the same or that dogs are interchangeable. They are all individuals. Just that if you feel up to owning a dog, it could be a win-win for you and another needy dog.

    Best wishes to you and that precious dog.
  3. I am not recommending you do this..but gee, what if you woke up tomorrow and poof! The dog disappeared into thin air? Darn, happens all the time. Tell the people, sorry, the dog is missing.
  4. ^^:yes: That's true. Dogs disappear all the time... just wander off into oblivion.
  5. You know what?? If she's theirs, you'll be able to tell. She'll jump up and run to them. If not, she's yours. You're between a rock and a hard place...{{{hugs}}}
  6. ^^ awe, hopefully that's true & hopefully you can keep her...she's such a cutie-pie & it sounds like she's been neglected by her owners (whoever they are) & i wouldn't want her going back to a home like that...if they really loved her, wouldn't they have taken better care of her (?)...i'm sending lots of hugs & good wishes your way...please keep us posted tomorrow & let us know how things go...i'll definitely be rooting for you girl!!! :tender:
  7. How long was she missing? for her to be in such horrible shape it had to be a long time, maybe she ran away because she missed her "mommy". I would wait for the kids mother to claim the dog, just to be sure. Hopefully your manager agrees to this. :sad:
  8. That is tough. If you can find out how long that was missing, you could determine if it was truly neglect. If the dog had been missing a while she could have gotten in that shape and lost a lot of weight. If the dog was neglected, is there an agency that could intervene? Here in the US neglect is against the law and a reason that dogs are surrendered to the shelter. Many would rather surrender the dog than risk prosecution. But, if she had been on the lam for a while, it would break the owner's heart to learn she was suddenly missing from your yard.

    I really think you need proof of ownership. They should have one of their own pictures to show you.
  9. ^Good advice!

    This breaks my heart to read. I'd let that family know they need some kind of proof to claim the dog. Tell them to bring in a picture of their dog. They have to have at least one single photo of their dog.

    I am praying for a miracle for you because you are giving the dog the loving care she deserves, not like whoever was her last owner. Keep us updated.
  10. I have to be honest with you - it sounds like she is their dog. The husband described her as brown and white, which she is, and the child confirmed that she was their dog. They filed a missing dog report for her. I am so sorry that you've grown attached to her and that it will undoubtedly be hard for you to give her up, but it just wouldn't be right to keep her. She was probably mangy from being outside for such a long time, hopefully they don't abuse her. Good luck with your decision
  11. I could see this happening too. Darn what a shame she ran away AGAIN.

    She's not their child. Sometimes decisions need to be made on what's in the dogs best interest.
  12. It's really hard to give up a dog especially when you have grown so attached to it. I agree. I would definitely see if they have their own pictures of the dog for proof that it is theirs.
  13. Thanks for your responses guys. I am gonna do the "right" thing and bring her in to the clinic tomorrow. Although saying she ran again is a good idea *heh* I wouldn't do it because it would reflect really badly on me professionally, and then they could turn around and say why did you even bring her home in the first place, you should have just kept her in the clinic or surrended her to a shelter. I know it's the right thing to do but it doesn't make it any easier. She's apparently been missing for about 2 weeks only. Anyway, who's to say what will happen tomorrow. Maybe she will respond to them, maybe she won't. I'm guessing most likely she will go home with them. I'll definitely ask them heaps of questions to make sure it's the right dog they're claiming. And ask for their regular vet details so we can call to confirm her age, recent procedures done etc. Another puppy for me some other time, eh? :sad:
  14. Your story made me sad and sick. Good luck to you.
  15. i can only imagine how you are feeling right now... you'll be able to tell if it's their dog by the children's reaction. i'm assuming the ex-wife has no idea that her dog is missing. i'm suprised that they don't have any pictures of the dog.