HAVE to find nude VP!!

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  1. SO I am on an absolute CL ban until further notice. The one thing i CAN buy when I get my tax return (SOON!) is my HG of all HGs, the Nude Patent VP. I have been in love with these since I first laid eyes on them. I have NEVER seen them at any of my usual CL haunts, and I MUST have them! Where can I find them? It is the only pair I am allowed to buy with my refund, and I want them as soon as possible. There is ONE pair on Ebay in my size, (41) but they are $999. That is too much. Plus my refund is only $960, and my DF absolutely wont let me go over. Please help me find these in a 41!
  2. Thank you thank you thank you to my CL angel! I contacted the CL BH boutique, and was informed that there was exactly ONE pair of the Nude Patent VPs in my size coming! I immediately gave her my info, and now am so excited to get them!

    These are my UHG shoes and I am just beside myself with excitedment. Thank you CL angel and CL Beverly Hills!
  3. ^You are sooooo lucky! I'm so happy for you! Hopefully I'll have the same kind of luck!
  4. WOW congrats!!!!! Better join the banned group quick LOL
  5. Congrats! Excellent news. Things are really coming together for you.
  6. Congratulations! Yay! :love:
  7. Hopefully, you will get them in time for your wedding!!! I am so happy that Alesia had a 41 for you. No need to pay $999 for them on ebay. You don't even have to pay tax since you are in TX! :yahoo:
  8. I love Alishia!!
  9. Yay no tax! Yay not having to pay $999!

    I am crossing my fingers that they are nude tip, since thats what I really want...
  10. ^^^ If not you could always sell them for a little more and make you money back LOL
  11. True. If I get them and dont absolutely love them, you can bet that I will give a TPFer a chance to have them before I send them back. And I wouldnt mark it up. Just sayin.
  12. ^That's sweet of you.
  13. :cutesy:
  14. I am so glad you were able to pre-order them, Yea!
  15. MKWMDA congrats!!!!! omg i'm 8.5, too! pleaaaaase remember me =O