Have to decide soon ...help!

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  1. Hi guys!! Ok so i want to beat the price increase and am struggling with making a decision. This bag will be mainly for date nights, luncheons, and sometimes going to the mall. I have narrowed it down to either getting : Alma bb in Rose Angelique or Azur Eva + Black MC cosmetic case. ? I do not own anything in Vernis or Azur. Also i still carry my Coach cosmetic case ..lol. Thanks alot!!!! :smile:
  2. Alma bb in Rose Angelique!
  3. ^^^^^
    +1 I have it in pomme and it's tdf!
  4. Alma bb!
  5. Thanks for the reply!!!
    You do? I love that color also. Do you feel the strap is uncomfortable if worn cross body?
  6. Alma bb!!
  7. Definitely the alma bb! I have the RA in the pm size and I admire it almost daily :smile:
  8. Alma bb no question :smile:
  9. This is a hard one. Sorry I am no help but you can't go wrong with either!
  10. Looks like that Alma BB is wining so far! I kinda figured it would...😃
  11. Another vote 4 the Alma bb
  12. Alma bb
  13. Alma no doubt!
  14. Another alma vote here!
  15. alma bb for shure!!!!!