Have to decide on a bag... but which one?

  1. Thanks to gina here, I went and tried the Cobalt Ostrich she saw at FSH but now I have to decide on my next bag:

    Here are my Bolide choices:

    Vert anis Chevre 31, pall
    Cobalt Ostrich 27, pall
    Turquoise Chevre 27, pall

    Otherwise, there is a turquoise Kelly in Chevre with GHW that I have my eye on. But I think I might hold off on that because I feel too young to make good use of such a bag considering my lifestyle and outings.

    Considering I've already got a Plume as a day bag and a Picotin as a casual bag... Which one would you guys recommend?
  2. Cobalt!!!!! I'd love to see what Cobalt Ostrich looks like.
  3. they're all fab -- can't really make a bad choice! for me it would be the a turquoise chevre kelly w/gh is -- one of my dream bags. but since this is about you, and not me, what colors are your plume and the picotin?
  4. Picotin is BJ Clemence and Plume is Rouge Vif Fjord.

    I thought the Kelly would be my first choice too and I did go :O :nuts: when I saw it but... it's a Kelly and I don't feel I'd use it as much because it screams Hermes.
  5. Well, I'm very biased because one of my dream bags is the Vert Anis Chevre Bolide. Stunning.
  6. Cobalt!!! :love:
  7. lol, same goes for you - i need some more food in me before i can seriously comment on bolides and such for you and gina.
    just to mention - i don't think you're too young for a kelly. you've got fantastic taste and it would make your bag collection more diverse, perhaps, than a bolide would. i might be in the minority here, but my view of the bolide is actually that it's a very elegant, sophisticated bag - depends on the leather, etc. but the ones you've listed are rigid, so that i equate with elegance. also, why those 3? are those the 3 you would most love and are therefore choosing between them, or were these 3 presented to us because that is what is in stock? if this is the case, i think it would be prudent to compose a list of options for your dream bolide and see if it matches any of these 3.
  8. Thanks HiHeels. Yes, those are bolides offered to me at this time but I think the one I love the most is the cobalt one.

    I won't get tired of that the way I'd get tired of the turquoise chevre.
  9. and the 27 size works for you?
    i will be very interested in hearing your experience with this bag!
  10. i vote for the vert anis chevre... I guess I am not into exotics yet..... so something that you can use daily.. I feel that exotics need too much attention and careful use..but that is just me..
  11. Yeah, I think it works for me. It's small but not tiny (ie: doesn't look like a clutch with a handle).

    It looks best with the strap, I think.
  12. well, i think that's your answer! :yes:
  13. Cobalt ostrich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TDF! Besides, it sounds like that is the one you are most in love with! Go for it!
  14. what size (leather, color) is your plume?
    the obvious hermesiness of the kelly and birkin, is that something you will like when you're older?
  15. I think I'll love the right Birk at the right time when I see it... I love the turquoise Kelly for the kelly shape and the rareness, leather etc... but I love it as one would a piece of art, not something I would use each day.