Have to decide... can only get one...

  1. sorry, don't like the pigalle 100, go for Ron Ron :yes:
  2. i dont find ronrons comfortable
  3. Pigalle 100 - the perfect shoe
  4. Both gorgeous shoes... Good choice with the Pigalle though :smile:
  5. Pigalle 100!
  6. I am partial to the Ron Ron. They are so comfortable.
    Congrats on your Pigalles though. There really isn't a wrong choice since they're both so pretty.
  7. Women who can wear the pigalle amaze me! I simply cannot do it!
  8. Pigalle! I have the nude 100's & they are awesome! Not too uncomfy for me
  9. I'm so glad I got them! They're already sold out on the CL site. They get delivered monday :heart::heart: