have to decide before going to shop!!!


which one???

  1. Azur speedy 25

  2. Mono petit Noe

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  1. I just got a phone call from SA they got azur 25 in stock now so i said ill pick it up later today....but problem is i cannot go to shop today so i asked my bf to pick it up instead....
    Anywai, last week, i bought Mono petit Noe to my best friend as a present and i fall in love with it myself!!:s:s

    Therefore now im just worrying which one should i get between two...I luv them both but i only can buy one bag at the moment have to buy other stuff as well so only one bag is possible at this moment....I guess i can get other one the other time but keep thinking abt this...

    which one should i get???? I got few hours to decide..:s:s:push:
  2. I like azur because it's refreshing! And mono will always be around =)
  3. ITA!
  4. azur!
  5. I would get the Azur because it'll be perfect for spring and summer! Let us know what you deciede!
  6. I'd get the petite noe myself - simply because it's making a come back and it won't get dirty easily.. The Azur canvas might be prone to colour transfer if you wear it with dark colour jeans too! :s

    Just had another thought.... will you be able to put up with dark brown patina'ed handles on an Azur speedy though? :shrugs:
  7. I would say the Azur but joanniii has a very good point here
  8. The same could be said of the Azur. I'd personally get the Noe and save the Azur for summer!
  9. Azur
  10. Azur since spring is almost here!
  11. I like the petite noe too :yes:
  12. as much as I love the noe, I'd say azur because it's very fresh and trendy now that it's spring. And anyways, the mono noe will always be around, and it seems like there's still trouble getting azure items for the next months forward..
  13. Azur :love:
  14. Go for the Azur. Great spring bag!
  15. Well I say petit noe, because I think the Speedy 25's are too small, otherwise, an Azur Speedy 30!!!