Have this happen to you before??

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  1. The other day i was checking my emails and i got an email from eBay saying they have removed a listing as it was a 3rd party that listed it on your account! They also said they have refunded the listing fees..etc The listing etc came to £27! Glad eBay refunded!

    I checked the next email and it was listing confirmation for a suzuki motorcyle! They told me to change my passwords etc

    But just want to know have this ever happen to you? what do these people get out of it? can they hack into your paypal account?

    Just a bit freaked out how someone manage to put a listing and i wasnt even aware of it! i think i was on eBay at the time as well
  2. Yes, that happened to me a few years ago but I found out before eBay did. Someone hacked into my account and was selling four wheelers and plasma TVs, using my 100% positive FB account. Luckily I contacted eBay live help and they took everything down before they ended. I had to change all my passwords too. People can hack into your account if you have an easy password, so it's a good idea to make your passwords more difficult to figure out.