Have this ever happen to your new purchase b bag?

  1. :wtf: well , i going to public this , i guess many people have see some thread that i post about my anthracite GGH city , i keep being on & off... some might get sick of my annoying behave and ignore what i posted :rolleyes:
    [ the real reason is i dun have time to take picture of this ]

    recently i had many thing to do with my work after 1 week of purchasing , i had a look carefully at my b-bag i spot a dis perfect spot. it really the worst and it really bothering me.
    how would u feel if u paying this much for a bag & u found this on ur new bag . even this bag had already being use for half year how could this happen???

    i didnt know what to do , i afraid if i went bk to Balenciaga shop they will think am the one who cause this spot. coz i nv come bk the next day to report this but i swear to the god

    this bag never been carry , it my fault that i nv double check before i purchase it .
    so after i realise this , i not even dare to use it i scare the bag will gone worst condition

    please tell me what to do with this spot

    the side of the zip is splitting .... :hysteric:

    help me out i really dont know what to do i know u can claim back if u r living in uk.
    but i'm not very sure about thailand.:tdown:

    i have an experience i bought a shoe from zara , after i went home i realise i get the wrong size right next morning i wana exchange they didnt allow me to , end up my oversize shoe had now in the bin. i'm scare this will happen to my bbag too.
    but it over bother me about this....
    i been left out over this problem for 3 weeks now. i know i cant let it off like that.
    i need to do something about this.

    i wonder if this normal? for b bag?


  2. sorry for the long post up
    is this normal ... help me out please expert
  3. moving to care & maintenance for a better repsonse :yes:
  4. you gotta agree that its hard to keep up with your story, gal. i thought the bag's at the store? then i read today in another thread that you've had it for sometime? well i'm really :confused1: i wonder how come they'd let you exchange even w/o the zip looking like this! they gave you a timeline to return/exchange the bag, is it? hmm...
  5. glossie , i'm confuse with ur questions
    u think i make this up? i found this mistake 1 week after i had it.
    since then i never use the bag .
    but now i decide to return it already. so it ok thanks for looking
  6. NO, NO, NO! i'm obviously confused so i asked to clarify! :sweatdrop:

    you mentioned they can do an exchange for you. maybe i don't know how the store operates for exchanges/returns. i kept having the impression that the bag's already at the store, so that if someone wants a GGH anthra city, they'd give the buyer yours, then you can pick out another bag as exchange. unless the store actually lets you have the money back, instead of store credit? this is why i was always wondering why you kept asking which style/colour bbag to pick as the exchange bag...

    don't know if you get me at all. i've asked you all these questions before. i must've been mistaken :shrugs:
  7. i think rainie_ma post this thread before she decide to bring it back to the store. but too bad no one answer her . so maybe that y now the bag already waiting to be taken? am i right ??
  8. oh , sorry , now then i got u guys.
    i'm guess am the one who mess it all up.

    i just wana ask is that case normal??

    coz i didnt know that going to be ms gossie answer me again!!!:nuts:

    ya'' i plan to bring back anthracite GGH back to the store. when i post those thread am at the stage of considering. just asking members of how they think abt that. meanwhile , when am being on & off , i spot the mis perfect spot.
    so i am afraid that if i bring the bag back to the store , they will misunderstood that ME is the one who cause that.
    so i just wonder is that spot consider infected?

    really very sorry about my un proper english ><''
    but now , i settle it by sent it back to balenciaga quality control & repair it.
    last week i just recieve my bag , and one of my friend love Anthracite , so now am going to sell to her .

    but i learn my lesson , everytime u purchase a new bag u should really looking at every corner of it. it really very careless of me.

    by the way thanks Vernon & Glossie , only both of u respond me.

    i guess everyone is sick of me , not gona post any thread again from now on.
  9. glad that worked out! the repair is foc, right??