have they really split??? Katie and Tom???

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  1. But what's going to happen to their baby alien?
  2. LOL! :lol:
  3. Hmmm . . . in order to split up, don't you have to be a REAL couple in the first place?? Their whole relationship seemed contrived from the beginning. I always thought there was this weird awkwardness between them. You could see it in the way they interacted with each other . . . it reminded me of the way Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson interacted with each other when they were together. This whole relationship really proves that Tom and Katie are not good actors -- they can't even pull off pretending they are a legitimate couple!
  4. lmbo! If you ask me this whole relationship is sham. I think she is faking the pregnancy too.
  5. Agreed ! I don't know about those beard stories, but honestly, this whole relationship stank of PR campaign and randomness !
  6. I don't believe the story.
  7. i don't think they've split up. but if the rumors keep coming it might be true. i'll give it a month to see if the rumors disappear. i am often surprised how often gossip turns out to be true (see nick&jess, brad&jen, brad&angelina, angelina pregnant,..). i guess where there's smoke..
  8. Run Katie Run!
  9. If its true, I am so not surprised ....
  10. I was kinda leaning towards your thinking too until I saw this. So I don't know.

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  11. I loved how that picture came out right after the magazine article on her incredible growing/shrinking/growing/shrinking bump. Not convenient at all (!).

    If we're lucky, its true. I can't take much more of those two freaks.
  12. I so love Katie...(Iloved Dawson Creek....) I hope she gets the hell away from that *ackass and takes care of herself...and the baby.
  13. They will have a tiny tiny baby with him being such a dwarf. I think he's one of the most over estimated actor of these days.