Have they posted the Azur line on elux yet?

  1. I was just there and the only items I see are the cles and french purse. Where is the speedy? or the Pochette? Thanks!
  2. Nope :s
  3. Yea, I searched Azur and I only see the cles and french purse too.. BRING OUT THE SPEEDYS NOW ELUX!!!
  4. and seven minutes later the same thing :whistle:
  5. Eh, they are ridiculous.
  6. I can't believe we have to wait this long....
  7. Ran downstairs at 6 am BEFORE coffee :wtf: and rewarded with..nothing! :sad:
  8. LOL. The anticipation!
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Argh, the cles is sold out..
  11. Interesting. When I was at the boutique, the french purse (azur) was $570...eluxury is $615....I guess makes up for the tax, might as well go to the boutique.
  12. When were you at the store? Might be the price increase.
  13. It took them 3 days after the groom release to get them on, I wonder if that will be the case with the azur.
  14. when are they going to have it? i've been waiting. but i might just go to the LV store.
  15. It doesn't make sense for them to increase price on the azur line if it's just coming out at the same time when the prices are increased....at least I hope.