Have they lost their minds??

  1. :wtf: what is the seller thinking? isn't the mag pix from this forum too??
  2. I'm all for sellers making a profit and all but it makes me so mad that they are taking advantage of it like that.

    That's one less true collector that may not get a Sophie because this seller bought it and wants to capitalize. :sad:

    Just my opinion but that's too much $$.
  3. That seller's prices are always out to lunch
  4. eBay Seller is horrible :push:
  5. Gorgeous bag....too much money though!! augh.
  6. Oh dear God!! $1000?!? :wtf: Isn't that bag gonna make it to the states eventually?
  7. Is that bag actually authentic and how much does it usually retail for?
  8. They can't take advantage if no one pays it! I can't imagine anyone paying that price anyway. Hopefully when they are available here, all who wants one will be able to get one.
  9. How much does it actually retail for? (I'm out of the loop on this bag...)
  10. Can you waitlist for the Sophie yet?? Because I really want one....not for $1k though. :smile:
  11. :wtf: :push: :rolleyes: :yucky:
  12. I like it but that is to much money.
  13. I called CR and was told this bag will not be available in the states. Someone please say it isn't so... :crybaby:
  14. eBay is at least making a profit... [with the seller fees and all] :sweatdrop: