have these hit the outlets yet??

  1. Yes, I saw the first bag months ago, sorry I don't remember the price

    I was at the Burberry outlet in Buffalo & saw the 2nd bag 2 weeks ago for $ 139.

  2. Wow, the 1st one I own and I bought mine in brown, not red - almost 3 years ago from Nordstrom. however, I have haven't seen either at the outlet -sorry, I am sure each store gets various items - so one store might have it while another doesn't -you can always call some of the outlets and find out if they have the purse in stock.
  3. I think I saw the second bag at the outlets, hope this helps
  4. I didn' see either one
  5. i've seen the 2nd one...
  6. I definitely saw the second one at the Cabazon Outlets.
  7. I was in the Round Rock Texas outlet on Saturday (4/14) and saw the little bag - your second link. They had about 8 of them but I didn't look at the price.

    Great outlet!! Prices are still high but are much lower than the original.
  8. thanks for the info ladies!!
  9. I have the 1st one in brown. I dont know if it in the outlets BUT I think the item# is BCCNEB and its called the Burberry Classic Check New Eaton Bag. Hope this helps!