Have the mini duffle crossbody bags already been to the outlets?


May 17, 2010
So I've taken a few months away from bag shopping and I'm now in the market for a nice crossbody bag. I'd love a swingpack if it weren't so darn flat. I'm looking for a smaller bag but I still need to be able to carry some essentials...keys, sunglasses, wallet, lip balm, compact, small hand sanitizer. I remember seeing the legacy mini duffle in the spring and thought that might be a good size for me and it's a really cute bag too. :smile:
I stopped in to Coach today and the SA told me that they are no longer carrying that bag and she said she wasn't finding any information on whether or not it would be coming out again soon.
So I'm wondering if I'd have any luck finding this cute bag at the outlets? Has it already come and gone, or has it not come to the outlets yet...or was it a hot seller and probably will not hit the outlets at all? Like I said...I've been away from the bag scene for a bit so I'm a little out of the loop!


Sep 2, 2013
I've saw black and cognac at my outlet just last Thursday. I was tempted by the cognac, but since I had just gotten the deep port from FOS (gone now from there) and I haven't even cut the tags yet, I controlled myself....lol!


Mar 11, 2013
Thank you! I'm going to order the black mini duffle...so excited! I love this board! :biggrin:

Unfortunately you need to have an invite...give Coach your email address and hopefully soon you will receive an invite. Supposedly you can invite others once you're invited, but I've tried inviting my friends many times and it has never worked😔. If you have an outlet close by, give them a call to see if they have any mini duffles in or if they can track one down for you and you can do a charge send for it