have the large gauffre'an frame bag? still love it?

  1. i love it. i love looking at it. i love the feel of it, the look of it. i love how it looks on other people.

    carried it only twice since dec 2006. i am about 5'4''. i love large bags.

    it is still gorgeous! stunning! but... but....


  2. YES, still love it, wish I had one!
  3. i just saw i double post this thread. have no idea how that happened.
    i should really post a pic of me carrying the bag shouldn't i? and ask you all to comment! i am a big bag gal and normally would not be bothered by what others think, but DH kept telling me i should carry it as a weekender and that it is too big for me to carry around town, i feel so self conscious!

    anybody else has this bag?
  4. Bagpunk...

    Hi! I have mine now and have *never* carried it. I loved loved loved it to death... now I'm not so sure I still love it. Can you post a pic of you wearing it? Sometimes we can inspire one another to love our bags again. :smile:
  5. bump!
    Pad & bagpunk, please post photos of this bag!
    Stalking one on eBay, would love to see how it looks carried!
  6. hi JOM, just saw this today so sorry! i have been lazy logging in lately as prada is not as exciting to me nowadays :sad:

    it is late at night where i am now and work has been crazy. will try to get the pic as soon as possible. but the pic i have of it hanging on a chair, if you look at that, and imagine the average sized person sitting on that chair, you might be able to extrapolate how the bag look carried by that sitting person....?

    also, if you look at the chloe edith bowler bag, it is about the same size. i think there is a thread in the chloe forum with an edith bowler carried...

  7. Thanks bagpunk! No problem on the photo, since I have the Drawstring Gauffre I'm assuming it's about that same size with the structured frame top!
    I'm still looking for the bag, so perhaps I won't find it anyway .......... LOL!
    Thanks also for the Chloe reference.
  8. Hope I'm not too late...

    see next post for pix!!!!
  9. JOM...

    here's the chloe reference just for size... AND the gauffre framed...

    if you have the chloe, the gauffre is quite similar in size.
    PA09009_chloeref.JPG PA100075_JOM.JPG P7020015_JOM.JPG
    Thanks Pad!!
  11. pad..!! i don't know why you never carry it! it looks GREAT on you..!!!! (the large prada frame gauffre)

  12. Bagpunk... Hi! Thank you for the compliment. I'm carrying it now. Just started to about 3 weeks ago. I love it! Now this bag and my Chloe Edith Bowler are my favorites. :p
  13. I returned mine because I thought it was too big as an everyday bag, and I have regretted it terribly ever since!! I still think it's a gorgeous bag.
  14. hahahahaha....!! this is becoming a pattern with you pad!