Have the large, black multipocket from last year....

  1. and it's still in my closet. I got it for 20% off at bloomingdales and I still haven't worn it - I bought it 1 year and 1 month ago....
    I still love it and am not sure why I haven't worn it...tonight I took it out and
    decided I was going to start rotating with it a lot - it's just that I keep thinking that maybe I want something else now. The bag is a black bag with pockets on all 3 sides - and they are larger buckles that are silver.

    Is this bag still a hottie?? I paid around $700 for it.
    What do you all think about the Large Black Multipocket MJ bag?
  2. I have the small multipocket in black and love, love, love it!!

    Unfornuately, just like you - I haven't used it yet?!?! :confused1: I love to get it out and look at it... admire it... but haven't quite been able to break it in yet!! I know how fuctional it is going to be, with the easy access pockets, and convenient size... But....?? I haven't had it that long... and I have made a ton of new purchases lately, so I think the main reason that I haven't used it, is that if my DH saw the extent of my new bags, he would probably keel over.... :graucho: Gotta ease him into it!

    I love the MP style though!! I think it is classy, but young and functional!!
  3. i think it looks classic! its a good everyday bag...:smile:
  4. I think it's a classic bag by MJ, but I remember seeing quite a few MP on sale posted on this site. None black though. If you don't think you are going to wear it, I say sell it or exchange it if you can.
  5. Def a classic bag, but if you're not in love, you should replace it with something else. These bags are pretty popular, so you shouldn't have any problems with yours since it's brand new. The only prob is you might lose some money on it...
  6. Love this bag! The large is my favorite size and the MP is one of my favorites. Hope you decide to keep, but if not, you'll have no problems selling, I bet.
  7. I have bags that sit in my closet that i LOVE to death... i take them out but somehow don't get to using some of them.... :shame: someday someday....

    I'm sure if the question of "Do you use all the bags you have" were on a job application questionnaire, i'd be considered nuts :push:
  8. iM guilty of having unused bags as well..LOL....its not just you.
  9. ^ I feel better knowing it's not just me =) you have GORGEOUS growing collection JILL!! i saw your stuff in the showcase!! I'll have to get down to documenting mine some time....

    I sometimes feel like if i tell regular ppl i have lovely new bags sitting in my closet while i'm STILL buying more bags, they would lock me up and throw away the key. I wouldn't want my bags to be left alone :yes:

    I was too happy to hear you guys have new unused bags that I just realized i didn't answer the qns/thread. I think i'd keep it since it's a black MP --> so classic and useful!!

    try to use it another time and if it comes to a point where it isn't making you happy from looking at it or if you badly one something else then sell it.

    I try to clean up the closet now and then but i get very nervous selling my bags coss i don't know if i'll regret it ....:sweatdrop:
  10. I think most of the Older MJs (with pushlocks and silver hardware) are classics... you've got a black MP (which is one of the most useful, IMO, of all MJ bags)

    I'd say keep it... Just slowly integrate it into your bag rotation.

    It might be one of those bags you never knew you loved. ;)
  11. if you want to sell it, PM me! :yes: