Have the Celine dustbags changed throughout the years?

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  1. This may be the silliest thread ever but I am still trying to work out whether my Nano is authentic, although I have been told by the lovely ladies on the authentication forum that it is. Anyhow, I have purchased a Trapeze and a Nano and both seem to have two very different dustbags:

    Trapeze: finer weave and dark brown drawstring, no soft "lining"
    Nano: thicker weave, and a soft interior with grey drawstring

    I would love to know what your dustbags are like?



  2. The trapeze's dustbag string color is a bit too red imo..but then again if they do change their specs then both of your dustbags might be authentic.. As for your nano and trapeze, best to authenticate them because dustbags are not good indicators on their own
  3. Just took a look at my 2 dustbags and they look like the one on the left with the black/dark grey drawstring.

    If Celine has changed their dustbags that could indeed explain the difference. Hopefully others will chime in.

  4. Lost my dust bag when moving apartments.

    Does anyone have an extra dust bag they would like to sell?
  5. 81B039AE-D805-472B-8813-954F9A4FB87C.jpeg Hello ladies, I recently bought a Céline belt bag online from 24 sevres. The bag comes with a black dust bag instead of a white one. Does anyone know if Céline recently changed their dust bags to black? I’m just worry that I may have gotten a fake one.
  6. Yes, they have changed them, I saw them 2 weeks ago in a Celine store, everything is fine, enjoy your bag !
  7. I personally did not know that the dust bags changed but having said that, if you ordered from 24 Sevres then you have nothing to worry about. Congrats on the new bag, one I have had my eye on.
  8. Thank you for replying!
  9. Thank you for replying! I got the grey color and it is gorgeous!
  10. actually my favorite of the colors congrats!
  11. Why would they make it look like YSL dust bag....
  12. Because it’s Hedi
  13. he is definitely trying very hard lol
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