Have someone both:aquamarine07 and teal05?

  1. Please,if someone have this both colors,may you take a pict,or explain the difference between this two close colors.There are some threads wich compare Blue India/Teal/Turquoise,but no pict of Teal/Aquamarine
    I think it could be very interesting;).
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Great thread, I hope you get a response. I would love to know also.
  3. Hold on...I just took some photos for you, need to upload...:smile:
  4. Ok...left to right:
    '05 Teal, '07 Aquamarine, '06 Blue India.

    Left to Right:
    Blue India, Aquamarine, Teal.

    Top to Bottom:
    Blue india, Teal, Aquamarine.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Wow, your teal 05 looks like turquoise in those pics. I wish mine looked like that. The aqua I had was much brighter than my teal.
  6. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!
    In fact Teal seems more turquoise than aquamarine,isnt'it?
    Your bags are gorgeous,what I think very interesting,is that your bags come from different years and all of them are gorgeous,it's a proof that every year,we can find a wonderfull leather!
  7. ^^I agree! I thought your Teal was a Turquoise! Gorgeous though~!
  8. yes! your teal is d-licious!!!
  9. More like T-licious;) !

    The Teal is quite bright and has a lot of green in it. The Blue India is VERY muted and very blue, my coin purse has no green in it at all. The Aqua is such a nice combination although it has far less green than Teal. I can't really seem to get the green in the Aqua but it's not really prevalent...it's more like the hints of green in sunlight you get when looking at a pool with a white bottom, if that makes sense...
  10. I was reading Kittenslingerie's thread,about her new aquamarine city,it's amazing,on one pict you could bet it's an emerauld city,and with another camera,other light,her bag is more blue!!!
    That's why it's important to compare different colors on the same photo.Thanks again!
  11. Great comparison pics there....i love the turquoise color especially.....heheheh
  12. Oops...i tot is turquoise, after realising the title thread, it's actually aqua....OMG~~~i really love aqua nowadays...hehehe
  13. I think the teal is actually turquoise. I had teal, blue india and turquoise at one point and the teal is definitely nowhere like the turquoise.

    I will be getting my 07 aquamarine in a few days' time and then I can take a photo to teal, blue india and aquamarine. Too bad I already sold the turquoise, otherwise it would be an interesting comparison!
  14. They're gorgoeus! My fav is the aquamarine :smile:
  15. stylefly - are you sure that mini classique is teal? It sure looks like turquoise '05 in the photos....

    I think I remember Beverly comparing teal w/Blue India and showing that they were very, very similar.