Have sales started getting better yet?

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  1. Or are we still waiting for the back-to-school/end of summer spike to come?
  2. Still waiting here. I made 5 sales in the last 2 weeks.
  3. Ditto. Sales are slow for me too.
  4. Sales should start picking up in late August/early September.
  5. My sales have picked up this week quite a bit :woohoo:
  6. My sales have also picked up a ton the past week..its starting to motivate me again to list..
  7. YAY, good to hear! I'm going to start listing in a week or so, then. Thanks!
  8. Mine have picked up as well! FINALLY!
  9. Not yet :nogood: sigh... Usually, I can get around $6000 ( not my profit but total amount of sold items ) per 2 weeks, now, around $6000 per 6 weeks :shocked: so slow and almost newbie with low-ball-offers at this time :sad:
  10. Lots and lots of offers in one day...but only 2 sales so far today!
    I have a ton of stuff (non designer bags) to list this weekend...so we'll see how that does!
  11. slow for me still.
  12. Selling, but mainly to snipers. It's good and I'm not complaining but I will say that it's not quite as exciting as it is when people are bidding and you can watch the numbers rise!
  13. I'm sitting it out until September.
  14. PS: when I find myself feeling blue about how slowly things are moving I tune in to a Webkinz Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat, and/or Love Puppy auction. There I'm reminded that fierce bidding wars are still being waged and that MAJOR MONEY IS STILL CHANGING HANDS! :nuts:

    Oddly enough, I find the experience simultaneously fascinating, inspiring and therapeutic.:shame:
  15. Mine have! I just had someone pay $120 for a $20 LV icons book! :wtf: