Have random "acne" on my back! Help!

  1. Since I was about 17 I get a few random spots on my back and chest and have no idea how to get rid of them. I use a body brush every day after I rinse the shampoo and conditioner outta my hair, but it's still there! :sad: Any ideas how to get rid? thanks xxx
  2. Hi, Im also in the UK. and I keep getting small spots/acne on my face every so often, so I went to my doctor last week and hes give me this new stuff called Zineryt...Its working wonders, amazing !. Go to your doctor and ask for this, it has a rollerball so is easy to apply and its invisible. :flowers:
  3. Hi ~ I am pregnant and each time I am I get blessed with acne on my face/neck and back. You should keep loofing like you are (use Neutrogena body clear body wash $6) then when you get out and towel off:

    "Dab on acne cream w/ 2% salicylic acid or 5% benzoyl peroxide to help the zits heal".

    I have actual demotologist prescribed medicine for it, but this should work just fine. This was from my parenting magazine.

    Hope this helps:okay:
  4. Thanks girls :smile:
  5. Just make sure you get your back good when washing with body wash or soap (and rinse good). Try to exfoliate your back one a week or so and use a spot treatment on blemishes.
  6. I was going to recommend what Ghost did!
  7. One of my friends had the exact same problem! Also on her chest, face, everywhere. She got the pill from her doctor, Mycrogynon 50 I think? I don't know if you use any yet, but her acne TOTALLY disappeared!
  8. Me too!
  9. If you want them gone fast, go to your Esthetician and have her do a back facial!
  10. I have read good things about Murad Clarifying Body Spray which you can get from Sephora. Apparently female athletes use it as they sweat a lot & it helps them, it is a spray you spray on your back
  11. Proactiv has a body wash, I have never used it but their face stuff seems to work.