have questions and need advice on obtaining my first birkin

  1. Please help me ladies. I have decided that within the next two years I would like to purchase my first Birkin. As far as what I would like I am still working on that part. I unfortunately live in a state where there is no Hermes store. I have read through so many threads on how to obtain a birkin but it has just left me more confused. I have read that I should start a relationship with a sales associate. I am trying to start a relationship with an SA at a Texas store. I have started to call her once every two months to buy an accessory such as an enamel bracelet, a tie for my husband, or other accesory items. She seems nice and sent a thank you note for my first purchase, but she doesn't seem to know who I am yet (obviously this will take a little more time since I have only made a few purchases so far only by phone). I also noticed on the reciepts that there is a customer number ID which was not filled in yet. I am guessing the customer number is used for their frequent customers so I need to work up to that. So how do I take the next step.
    1. Can I ask about a Birkin over the phone with her once I am a more established customer or do I have to fly to Texas to meet her and then ask.
    2. Do I wait for her to start offering me higher end items?
    3.Or should I just wait to fly out to Paris or St. Barts to supposedly just find one out there. (I have been to St. Barts during low season and not one person was in the store)
    4. Is the waiting list a myth or reality?
    5. Is it just being at the right place at the right time?
    6. Do you just flat out walk into an Hermes store and ask for a birkin or is there another way you are to approach it.
    Please help me with my goal of obtaining a birkin within the next two years. Thanks
  2. Suzana ~ a lot of these questions can be answered by reading through threads on this site. Getting a birkin varies from store to store. Some rare times one can be on the shelves. Generally you establish a relationship with an SA and mention that at some point you would like to place and order for a birkin, or go to Paris and see what birkins are available or purchase from a reseller either new or used.
    I would not suggest just walking into an H store and asking for a birkin. I have seen that happen many times and seen the SAs smile and tell the customer that they have nothing. I think the SAs are looking for a customer who has some loyality to Hermes. If you don't want to go that route of developing an SA, purchase from a reseller is faster.
    There are many resellers of new and used birkins that are authentic.
    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the info. I will continue my relationship with the SA in Texas and also try to plan a trip to Paris. Thanks