Have Prada quality problem and need advice..

  1. I purchased a Prada deerskin bowler at NM sale and haven't worn it yet. I was playing with it last night and realized that the paint on the handles appears cracked in spots :sad: The handles are rolled and finished with some sort of what I think is paint but I don't know... How can this happen if a bag hasn't been used?? Good lord, my cheap bags get beat up for years and hold up forever and this is brand spanking new and very expensive. What to do now? :sad:
  2. I would take it back to prada.
  3. Bring it back to NM to have an exchange or return. Maybe that is a custom returned?

  4. What does it mean custom returned? The problem is that I really do like the bag. If I return it, I am out of my fave bag but I also wonder what would happen if I even wore it once, would it just fall apart or what??? If I exchange it, every Prada bag right now is way over my spending limit, no sale anymore. Exchanging it won't help my wallet :sad:
  5. Maybe NM can hunt down another one for you. That way, you're not out any more $. Just explain ur situation. They're very good with me if I need to exchange a bag for a defect/flaw. I started my prada collection not too long ago and have NEVER had any problems with the quality. Perhaps as prev poster was saying, maybe a customer returned it and got damaged somehow?
  6. That may be a "lemon" bag. Prada's quality cannot be this poor, otherwise they cannot last this long. Bring this bag back to NM and ask for an exchange to a same style. If they don't have it in stock, they should be able to locate one from other NM.
  7. Post pics..it actually may have been made to look like that
  8. I will try, my camera doesn't take really good close-up shots. I am starting to think that the bag has been used and returned? Otherwise, I can't explain this cracking, it's not normal at all. I looked at my other bags that I've been wearing for years and the paint it intact and NONE of them are cracking.
  9. Ok, ladies, took me a while to figure out how to take close-ups, but now I am even more upset, it looks sooo bad :crybaby:Ok here we go... the cracking is all over both handles, the shots are just part of the picture.
  10. more pics...
    IMGP0746.JPG IMGP0747.JPG IMGP0748.JPG
  11. OMG! The cracking is so bad! Definitely bring it back to NM for exchange. They shouldn't put it on the shelf at the first place. They are responsible to give you a brand new and flawless one.
  12. Yes, it is bad. Pls send back, it might get worst aft a few use.
  13. yes, sent it back, it looks like a second hand bag.
  14. OH MY GOD....That is AWFUL!I cant beleive they sold a bag in that condition!!Take it back FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Ask them if they can locate the bag in another store. I've had NM do that before...