Have perle and framboise really been discontinued already??

  1. ....because when you view louisvuitton.com and check out their newest feature: 'Spring in the spotlight' they're advertising the perle key & change holder, the perle Reade and the perle vernis belt - so I was just wondering??

    Also, what about Framboise?? Has that been discontinued for definite? (I hope not!! :sad:)

    TIA :flowers:
  2. LV stop producing it already, so whatever left in the store is what you can get.
  3. oooh...i should keep my pearl cles then..LOL.
  4. you can still find it on elux, or ring up 866 to locate one for ya. I am torn on the perle and pomme when it comes to vernis lol.
  5. I knew about the Perle being discontinued, but not about the Framboise... :hrmm:
  6. Ow my? is that for real?? no more framboise?? damnit!
  7. Can anyone comfirm on framboise? Also, when did LV start to stop producing framboise items?
  8. I heard about it a while ago ... I think the v-day stuff was the last production of both of them. But I can never get a straight answer, so I'm not really sure. You have some time to get things you want though. There's still lots of stuff out there.
  9. awww I love both those colours in vernis
  10. please don't kill me for asking this question, but i'm new to LV.....

    what's the difference between the framboise and raspberry colors? they look the same...
  11. Framboise = Raspberry in French
  12. Oh!!! :blush:

    it's sad, but i live in canada and i don't speak a word of french...
  13. yeh i spoke to my SA today, framboise, thats it whatever is in the stores now, go and grab it! Same as pomme! He said though that perle isnt discontinued yet. Maybe theres a difference depending on what country you are in? x
  14. I heard that pearle and framboise are discontinued but there are still quite a few pieces in stores. Pomme is a 6 month run and is now in the fourth months so that is going soon too. hazelnut is not affected

    Amarante is coming out in October (I think)
  15. oh my gosh. perle is going to be discontinued? i was hoping to get the perle french purse when I have enough money. :sad: