have people ?'d your bags?

  1. have you been in a situation where people question you about your bags, the authenticity, price etc? i find it beyond rude and have a hard time understanding peoples motivation in being soo rude.

    have you ever had to deal with this? what do you think makes people act that way?
  2. I've never dealt with that, maybe some staring but no ones ever approached me about it. Thank goodness too because that is very rude IMO.

    I think jealousy is the cause for the most part (maybe not in every situation). They want to believe your bag is fake so theyll feel better about the fact that they cant have/afford one.
  3. I have had people ask me whether it's real or how much it is, but it doesn't bother me unless they are being condesending. I never say how much unless it's a true lover of purses. I will always nod to say it's real. But most of my friends and family know I don't carry fake stuff.
  4. I've never been asked about the price or authenticity of my bags. I don't know what I would do in that situation.
  5. I've been asked about my bags.. .but mostly who makes them? No one questions authenticity.

    A funny thing though... any authentic bag i bring to work, my coworker has been wearing the same ones, but hers are FAKE.. She knows mines are real... but she tells me hers are real too (when I know they're not)... it's all good though. Some people aren't into quality and i'm not going to hate them for that.
  6. I had a coworker who would say 'why do you need that' conveying her disapproval and her thought that is a waste of money
    and you should have heard her annoyance/i think resentment when i brought in my Lv to show a different co-worker
  7. I have never been asked ?s about my bags..I guess it's b/c I only own Coach & it quite common where I live. The only person who really ask me about prices is my nosey mom. Go Figure..huh! I admit I sometimes glance at someone elses bag just to admire it but I don't stare or ask ?s.
  8. i have never really been asked.
  9. I get that quite a bit. It gets on my nerves and I have really stopped telling people how much I pay for them. Most people who bother me with these questions are haters.
  10. I think because I'm younger...people ask me if my bags are real.
    It gets me po'd though when I go to my classes, and administrators stop me and ask if my Earrings, Sunglasses, purses are real.:rant:
    The first time I was asked ,I was in shock. Then po'd. But I always tell them yes, then they procede to ask where I got it and for how much.
    That gets me, is it a test? The only people that ask me are the one's who can't afford it, or carry fakes. I tell them all the facts and go about my business. I know my stuff is real, and I'm the only who needs to worry about it!
  11. I personally have never had this happen to me before, but I think it is quite rude of someone to question the authenticity of someone's bag if it is real. I would feel offended. All my friends know that my handbags are real and would never ask.
  12. That's the greatest way to dismiss people who wear fakes. Thanks for sharing it!
    I have one coworker who's always poo-pooing my bag purchases. She says it like she's joking, but I don't think she is (she's really very nosy). "Oh, ANOTHER bag I see! Well, you just can't get enough, can you? So many handbags!" Keep in mind, I don't show off my bags to her, I don't talk to her about them. But if a very close friend of mine who works in my department comes in and sees I have a new bag, and wants to discuss it with me, this coworker is suddenly sharing her feelings.
  13. i do have friends who ask if my bags are real, maybe because i'm only in college and they see me with a different bag every other day. and when i say yes they go, "holy :censor:!"
  14. I just reply "it was a gift and it would be rude of me to ask the price" If someone sincerely asks me about the bag, I'll happily chat, but to talk about price is unecessary.
  15. I've had the same friend from college ask about two of my bags. I dont say how much they cost, but she was like oh, is that a real... fill in brand name... and I'd answer that of course it was! Most of my friends know that I'd never carry a fake! From her I didn't find it rude. I do have an aunt & cousin that like to nose around into that info and find it rude though.