Have No Idea what to wear for my baby shower!!

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  1. Okay so my shower is the beginning of March... I am in the Washington DC area and thus it may not be very warm but I still wanna be super cute!

    I have my mind set that I will be wearing the Louboutins in my avatar. They are my recent purchase! Python in gold, invory, browns with a peep toe which is gold. I usually wear all black all the time and several people have threatened me saying I better not have on one piece of black at the shower!

    I was toying with the idea of wearing leggings and a nice top but I just need some suggestions!

  2. gorgeous louboutins, you are on the right track to an amazing outfit with those babies!

    i'd nix the leggings idea, and definitely stay away from black. wear a nice flowy dress that shows off your baby body! maybe white?
  3. I'm so jealous you can still fit in your louboutins! I'm 8mths prego and can't fit into any of my cute shoes anymore :sad:....it's all flats for me!
    ....I agree with the post above...no to the leggings...
  4. Okay so no to the leggings but what then?!?

    808 luckily I have no swelling or anything. However I can't wear them very often either as my back is killing afterwards.
  5. What about a chocolate brown dress with a wrap cardi over it?
  6. mhm. i think a brown satin or silk dress would be cute.

    something like this. [just a quick google search, not exactly what i was picturing, but it works.]