Have LV ever release a Monogram Dentelle Speedy 25? I saw one wearing it @ the mall

  1. & it's so cute. I'm a speedy 30 person and thinking maybe I should add a Speedy 25 to my collection. :nogood:
  2. I don't remember seeing Dentelle in 25.
  3. No, a Dentelle Speedy 25 was never made........... I'm pretty sure it wasn't anyways
  4. If you saw a 25, it was fake.

  5. :yes:
  6. only came in speedy 30!
  7. Is the dentelle not SO-able? ^^; Just wondering!
  8. No, you cannot SO a LE design/pattern.
  9. only came in speedy 30. i think its fake
  10. :yes: