Have I taken leave of my Mulberry senses????

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  1. Hi Girls,
    Just talking with SJ this morning I realized how set in my ways I had become re my handbags . I called SM as I am in need of some retail bag therapy and guess whats arriving tomorrow?????:hrmm:

    Please bear in mind that I am a Bays lover. Also a Gemini:yahoo:
  2. Pink patent Bayswater?
  3. Turquoise Mabel! :yes:
  4. No to both the above
  5. Ok, now there was a stack of bags on the side ready to go out when I paid. I'm trying to remember what they were:
    Black poppy, patent Mabel - they were definitely there.
    The coral bags were still there when I left so don't think it's one of those???
  6. A gemini keychain, fob thingummy and a purple Bayswater?
  7. SJ you are very very warm:tup:
  8. Pink Mabel???

  9. I'm useless at guessing - the coral agyness hobo???? The coral bayswater?
  10. Come on Flossie!!! DOn't keep us guessing!!!! That's just so NOT nice!!! lol

    I am going with SJ - coral Bayswater

    Unless you are tricking us with that "Bayswater" comment!!
  11. I agree with SJ - the Coral Agyness Hobo
  12. Oooh I hope so, it was scrummy - it would look great on you Flossie!
    If it had been the Agyness I would have had it AND the lemon Roxy. It was just too like my Soho & I was determined to get a different shape.
    Come on, spill!!!
  13. You're so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was ..................
    Black Poppy:nuts:
  14. Fabbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!! I tried it on! It is so rock chick & funky! The SA & I had a nice little chat about it. I commented as I left that it hadn't hung around very long, they didn't even have time to put it on the shelf.
    Good choice madam!! :tup::tup::tup:

  15. Oooh, congrats, Flossie. You won't be disappointed - Poppy is stunning :heart: