Have I ruined my bag?

  1. I have a large black satchel from the Resort 2006 collection and I have a HUGE problem. This morning on my way to work I was carrying a liter water bottle in my bag and unbeknownst to me it was steadily spilling inside my purse as I ran to the subway. Half of the water spilled and I had a red file folder inside as well and that caused the red to run all over the suede lining :sad: . Can someone tell me how to fix this? The entire bottom of the lining is soaked and it soaked through to the bottom of the bag and now the leather is all squishy.

    I dumped the contents of my purse and am airing the bag out right now. Any advice?? Thanks
  2. All I can tell you is what I'd do for this emergency-pull the lining out of the bag so you don't get water all over the black leather and steadily rinse with cool water over the suede lining to get rid of as much of the red dye from the folder. Then blot with towels, whatever is available at work (you're at work, right?) Also blot the black leather.

    The lining will never be the same but it will dry and you can manipulate it and suede-brush it back to softness later.

    The leather part will dry on it's own and you can use leather conditioner later on, it should be fine.

    WHAT COLOR is the lining??

  3. Eeesh. There might not be a lot you can do.

    Kitskats gave you good suggestions.
  4. Thank you SO much for the advice. Yes, I'm at work so I have limited resources. The lining is cream suede, and I'm SO pissed I even put the water and folder in the bag, but who would've thunk?? It's such a roomy bag and that's why I wanted it in the first place. So lesson learned. Nothing but the essentials goes in MJ!
  5. Gosh I´m so sorry about that:sad: The positive point is, it´s still a stam even with imperfections :love: Hopefully the outside won´t look too bad, the inside is a relatively little thing.
  6. Crysti, sorry to hear that. Take it to a professional leather cleaner.
    I love suede linings, I have to really take care of them. I put my stuffs inside mini bags first so that they are never in direct contact with the linings.
  7. Oh dear-it WOULD be cream wouldn't it! :wtf:
    Wondering how everything turned out. Now you have an excuse to get yourself a cute tote bag for the other stuff :smile:
  8. So last night when I got home I propped MJ up on an ottoman in front of my air conditioning unit for a little while. After that I just left him to air out when I went to bed. I'm happy to report that this morning he's about 90% dry and I'm going to take your advice and bring him to a professional. Since this is my first MJ I am really impressed that the leather is so resilient, I already want to buy another bag - this time in nutmeg or another neutral!!!! Anyway, I'll take pictures and post them once everything's done.

    Thanks again for the advice, everyone on this forum is so great!! :yes:
  9. I just read this. Wishing some good luck your way and that you were able to at least reduce the effects of the red dye.