Have I missed the boat??

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  1. Hi

    I was just wondering if anyone knows why Mulberry no longer have any Mini Alexa's on their site ?

    I know Selfridges sell a Bluebell Blue but that appears to be it! Plus the outlets do not have any coming in, and there are only 2 on ebay

    One being tan and one in a SS finish

    I really wanted to get one for my holidays but that is in 4 weeks time and its not looking very promising :cry:
  2. Why do Mulberry do anything? :P

    Maybe they weren't selling well.

    You could try other department stores like John Lewis or Harrods? I've noticed they sell fast on ebay and seem very sought after!
  3. Try the Outlets - I seem to remember York had a raspberry mini Lexie when I was in getting my Bryn 3 weeks ago?
  4. I had a session today calling them all up :sad: they were all very helpful esp York who contacted their warehouse for me

    Sadly though they have no immediate plans to release any into the outlets at the moment :sad:

    Back to eBay it is then :0(
  5. There seems to be an oak on Selfridges...
  6. Wow....£850!
  7. Thanks for that but I really wanted a pink or a nude colour even a slate blue would do. Just not oak, Blk or Choc :graucho: x
  8. HGbags have various colours Emz.....

    Code "special10" is active for an extra 10% off and free shipping - no exclusions


  9. Thanks Moo. Just took a look. I could only see Oak Black or the new Bluebell Blue

    Have you seen this Bluebell Blue IRL at all? I had an offer of one today with 15% off RRP but I wasnt too sure if it was too bright??

    I think I need to see it IRL to make a decision. I was just so sure that the outlets would be getting some in.... Sounds like the warehouse have them avail but are just not choosing to send any out at the moment. ;0(
  10. Hi Emz,

    I love the bluebell colour....

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  11. Oh Wow !!! She looks stunning in that colour !!! Its very striking isn't it

    Mmmmm I wonder if there are any stores up London that have this colour in stock for me to have a model with :smile:
  12. I love bluebell too. First I thought it would be too bright but I think it is perfect in a lily size.

  13. It does look lovely in the Lily doesnt it... I think because I had hoped to get a pinky / nude colour in the mini alexa I have kinda set my heart on owning one in that colour

    I will still see if I can stumble across a store with the Bluebell in stock though so I can take alook in real life x
  14. Would love to hear your opinion on it. Thinking of moving on LV speedy 30. Lily was wonderful to use while on holiday.
  15. theres a few currently on ebay