Have I made a mistake?

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  1. I live no where near a LV boutique and I ordered a Neverfull mm in Damier ebene in March, I've been using it ever since and I love the size but hate how much it digs into my shoulder no matter what's in it!
    Did I make a mistake with Damier ebene? Instead of going with monogram or Azur with the vachetta handles?
    My lifestyle is changing and I'm going to have two kids under 2 and I'm wondering if maybe a speedy b mighta been a better choice!

    PlEase help!!!
  2. I have a mono GM and the straps bother me so much I do NOT carry it at all. This seems to be a common concern. I would browse into the in the speedy b clubhouse also the LV I regret thread. Good Luck!!!
  3. being a mom of 2 little one , I seldom carry my bag, cause I hang it on the pram nearly all the time!

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    I love my Neverfull DE and use it almost daily now.
    The only time the strap bothers me is when
    I fill it up to much....
    I have all 3 the Azur and Mono also. I don't notice any difference between the 3

  5. I have 2 kids.. 1 infant and 1 toddler.. I have a love and hate relationship with NF DE.. I purchased and sold it 3 times.. I always love the red lining and always find it worry free bag, but at the end i always feel the strap "bite" my shoulder and i am tired to see the wrinkle on the leather part.. Now i have made my decision not to buy it again.. I have NF mon monogram with vachetta strap, and i love it. Much softer on my shoulder.. As for speedy B.. My advice is don't buy DE. I sold mine due to the strap as well. For me, it's not comfortable on shoulder.. And mine have a peeling off problem..

  6. I was going to get the exact same bag and DH and I were also concerned about the straps digging in as well and I ended up getting my artsy instead.
  7. The straps on my Mono GM can be quite uncomfortable as well. It's a beautiful bag and I've had it for almost 1.5 years. The patina is still very light bc of how uncomfortable it can be (I carry it very little). I recently bought an unused OM Delightful GM in hopes it will take the place of my neverfull since it's roughly the same size but has a much more comfortable strap.
  8. I read in this forum that neverfulls retain their value well so maybe consider selling this bag to fund a speedy b?
  9. I've had no problems with the straps. I have two. I've never noticed a difference between the DE straps and the Azur.
  10. The handles on the NF are thin and will affect everyone differently depending on the weight and personal tolerance, regardless of whether the leather is vachetta or treated. If you're finding the bag to be too uncomfortable then you can always sell it and use the proceeds to fund a Speedy B...the NF holds its value really well and it wouldn't be difficult to sell.
  11. Thank you all for your feedback I was so excited when I got it because I thought it would be perfect but it just hasn't been yet. I don't want to make any rushed decisions but seriously considering a speedy b. Think I might go for monogram this time thoigh

  12. I have a Mono NF MM and I don't really use it much (maybe once in the last 6 months). I have a toddler (20m) and I find cross body and small bags much easier now. I don't ever put my DD's stuff in my designer bags because I'm afraid of spills, stains, etc... I have a Skip Hop backpack for her things and a small bag for my essentials. I recently purchased an DE Pochette NM and I find it extremely handy. You could always sell your NF and buy something else you like/fits your lifestyle better. Good luck!

  13. I agree about Speedy B in DE. I have a bad shoulder and this strap wasn't pleasant at all. I like vachetta straps better.

    I really wanted a bag in DE but so far haven't found one with a comfortable strap so got the pochette nm in DE instead.
  14. I found the straps to be very uncomfortable. I had the MM in DE. I sold it after only five months. That was a few years ago, and I don't miss it!
  15. My speedy b 25 in De is perfect when I need to check or run after my three boyssometimes :hbeat:

    My neverfull mm Will be only for being relax near the beach or restaurant. Love neverfull because it is Easy to put all things inside but not for running after boys.

    About the peeling De, no problem with mine but it is from 2015.