Have I helped.......

  1. any of you find the bag you were looking for? I'm just curious. Every time I go into a store... I take a mental inventory to report back. I wonder if anyone got the metallic silver bowler or flap from Boca last week. There were also 2 bowlers (black metallic and the black deerskin) that were bought at Saks NYC this week. I am just wondering......

    I just love knowing I can help anyone... I love finding my dream bags!!
  2. Yes!!! You helped me find my metallic black luxury flap several weeks ago!!!:yahoo: I was soooo excited to get home from work and see your post about the shipment of these bags that had just arrived at Saks-nyc. I called up and did a charge send about an hour before the store closed AND it was an EGC day as well!! Several days before this I had called multiple Chanel boutiques and found this bag to be sold out everywhere! Thank you!!!:flowers: :flowers:
  3. You have no idea how happy this makes me:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:

    I can't wait until DH is done w/ med-school & residency. All I want to do is be a personal shopper (no joke) and I have to have a real job for another couple of years - I wear the pants for now - LOL!!!
  4. it's satisfying isn't it!?
  5. A personal shopper--now that's my idea of a dream job!!!:yes: Getting paid to shop.....heaven!!!:girlsigh:
  6. Jap, Love...love...love to see your inventory reports! :flowers:
  7. Me too, I find them very helpful, and find it nice that you think about us
  8. I got my metallic bowler a couple of weeks ago based on your finds rt:jammin: . Thaniks for helping. Are there any flap deersking bags out there?
  9. I really appreciate all of the information you provide. I like being able to give my SA the exact style number and get on the preorder list before other people at her store.

    Thanks again. :yes:
  10. Omg yes!! I love all your posts with info!! hehe ;)
    I was able to describe bags I want to my SA
  11. omg, YES!! it's sooo awesome to have someone who's "looking out" for ya

    i still havent gotten my metallic black med bowler (i called Saks nyc two weeks ago, and they werent very helpful... or nice) -im beginning to loose some hope one that, haha BUT i know if i can count on anyone to help keep an eye out youre definetly one of them!! :]
  12. Thank you so much for the information on the new cruise colors.This was the best news ever. All of your information is so very helpful, keep it coming!!!!!!!!!! Being a personal shopper is indeed a dream job, shopping all day, OMG.

  13. Japs you can be my personal shopper anytime...I think we have similar tastes!! Are you in Manhatten? Next time I'm there, I am bringing you shopping with me!!;)
  14. You are so helpful with your updates. I think we all really appreciate your time & efforts in providing us with Chanel information.
  15. I'm in the city all week and have very flexible hours... so if you ever want to meet up and shop... just let me know. Its my favorite thing to do. I was at Jimmy Choo from 11 - 1 today just sitting, chatting, and playing dress up w/ my lovely SA.... I bought a pair of boots (I can't go in there w/out buying something)...