Have I got a fishy B-Bag???!?!?

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  1. Okay, my B-Bag just arrived - Woohoo! I bought it from Van Ravenstein (authorised seller in Amsterdam) and was admiring the tag on the inside and the back of the tag has the numbers 115748.2128 (it's a city):weird: . I thought the number should read 115748.3444 (I've checked on Atellier.Naff. Is something fishy here?:cry:

    Can someone who recently bought a city tell me that this is OK. Please (feeling a little sick here....)
  2. Cal, it's the first time I've heard of that serial number for a city bag, but I know that Van Ravenstein is an authorized retailer. Is it possible that the serial number changed this season? Would you mind posting pics of your bag?
  3. My husband has taken our camera to Liverpool (!) so won't be able to for a couple of days. *breathe in, breathe out*.

    99.9978789% of me is saying this is OK, but there's a little niggling in there too saying it should be 3444. Van Ravenstein were fantastic when I ordered, but it's too late to call them today. The bag, other than that, looks perfect. So smooshy, although a little smaller than I thought it would be (although I am a tall person). I do love it, but I want to love it 100%, not 99.98304570%
  4. the last part of the number is simply a batch number and has nothing to do with the style of the bag, so no worries! the only part that has to be consistent with every other city bag is the first part of the number, and it is. enjoy the bag!
  5. can you contact balenciaga and have them check on the serial #?
  6. Thanks guys, I thought the first number on the front was the leather batch number + letter for the year (mine's Y for 2006 - check!). The bottom number on the front of the tag is the style (115748 for city - check!). Then going on to the back of the tag we have 115748.2128, where Atelier.Naff is saying it should read 115748.3444 (Poo). Then the "Made in Italy" guff.

    Amanda, I'm sure you're right (you're always on the ball with Seller Watch), but I will call Balenciaga.

    Will drink more wine now, will have sore head tomorrow......
  7. Balenciaga won't tell me if the number's OK (say they don't authenticate over the phone). Crud.

    But after 3 glasses of wine, I'm going with Amanda, and going to enjoy my bag. In the mean time I find out the number's wrong I'm going to open a can of whoop-ass!
  8. b-bags come with all kinds of numbers on the back, 3444 is the most common (because that's the one that they usually use on the fakes, so you see that one a lot) but not having a 3444 absolutely does not mean that your bag isn't real. in fact, i'm always reticent to buy a 3444 on ebay because that's the number the fakers usually use. i'm sure that your bag is 100% real, the marketplace has gotten scary but you got it from a legitimate brick-and-mortar retailer (even though you didn't buy it in-store) so there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

    i had a similar experience with my isabella fiore audra, i got it from adasa.com and it was the original design, and then i looked around and places like nm.com and saks.com had a slightly different one, so i freaked out, but it turns out i just got one of the few left from the original batch of bags and i was actually quite lucky; nm and saks had already sold out of them. i knew adasa had a real store in hawaii, but buying bags from any place but a designer boutique or a department store takes balls of steel these days, but what you've told us about the bag is absolutely no indication that the bag is anything but real, so enjoy it!

    it sucks to wonder :Push:
  9. Thanks Amanda, the only number I've seen is 3444, so I thought ALL b's had that number. I'm going to finish my wine, watch the end of East-Enders and go to bed (yes, before 9, getting old...) secure in the fact that I have a fabulous bag.

    Thanks for you help with this. :biggrin:
  10. no problem, i'm absolutely happy to help whenever i can, so enjoy you wine, your show, and your sleep :biggrin:

    i've got to go to work *cries*
  11. I think you're okay with you bag.
    I had posted that I bought the new season's white the city Bbag from Barney's NY in Americana Mall, Manhasset, NY yesterday (although I'm returning it soon). My tag serial # has 115748-2123 imprinted in it. So maybe the #s did change?
  12. Mine are 115748-1787 and last four 3160. I got one at NM and the other at Brown's. I think you're ok! Breathe in, drink another glass of wine and enjoy your bag! :biggrin:
  13. yeah sit back and totally enjoy your bag!!! ***hugs***
  14. Hi everyone - this is all brand new news to me about the different numbers on the city bags! Cal, I'm sorry my blog made you wonder about your lovely new bag...I've checked and checked the info, but I keep learning new details. Amanda, bella, BalLove, thanks for sharing. And anyone here - always feel free to email me if you notice something on the blog that doesn't match your observations.
  15. no worries, i don't know why they don't make things easier for everyone and just keep things the same! it's impossible to keep up with.