have i fallen out of love..

  1. with damier?

    it feels like i have.


    how do you know if you have fallen out of love with a specific line? enough so that you should start selling some of them to fund others?
  2. Ya know, i think it's a little bit of a give and take, love and hate sort of thing. i think that when you start thinking, dreaming and wishing to own other lines, newer bags, fall for another style, etc...it's a form of constant. as in, it's something you'll need to own. then when looking on some of the bags you never use, feel neutral about or had bought just to simply buy and not LOVE it beyond anything...then it's time to get rid of it. i fell out of love with plain monogram, except my speedy 30 which i'll keep forever because it was my first ever lv and it's of a sentimental instance. i am selling a mono now because i just...don't feel it and know that by it going to someone who DOES love it...it will be appreciated and i can get something that moves me now more than a sitting addition to a collection would have done.

    basically...when you look at it and there's not a content feeling for it for some time...or you don't even realize it's there in the dustbag amoung the others any longer, then i think it's time to consider giving it a new home and making room for some new members that make your heart flutter that little bit, everytime you peek in at him.

  3. Hmmmmmmm
    that's a tough one, maybe take a week or two off of damier & then pull out your favorite & carry it to see if you catch the fever again. :shrugs:
  4. put tape on your eyes so you don't look at it ....
    i'm not crazy over damier mainly cause it does look A LITTLE BIT LIKE a chessboard.
    but go for it if you really like them!
    ]just don't forget to post pics ;D
  5. Is it just that you're not carrying it much right now? My damier is in waiting, because I've been favoring lighter bags for the spring/summer season. I have no doubt that I'll return to her late summer-early fall. Who knows...I might even take her out earlier.:shrugs: I sort of get attached to my bags though. The one that has my attention right now is my Cerises speedy! I've been carrying her ever since the day I brought her home! (4/10/07) But I think next week I'll switch back to my Azur.

    Maybe you feel like you're not in love because you haven't been giving damier any attention?
  6. Oh no! Not the Damier. Not when I'm just falling in love with it. Just give it time. If you still don't feel the same for the line, I say sell and use the funds for other bags you would enjoy more.
  7. i don't hate them.

    i still love them...but i just want to use my batignolles everyday!

    back a year ago, i sold my popincourt and papillon 19 because i wasnt using them at all after i got the damier speedy....then now i miss my popincourt like mad..seriously! (dont miss my pap though it was too small)..

    i havent used the belem PM for 2 months! my pochette accessories was in the dust bag for 2 months!
  8. Put it away for a while - sometimes it's overkill. I was using my mono speedy for almost 5 months and I had to put it away for a while. I will probably take it back out at the end of the summer. I will NEVER sell her though!
  9. Maybe you're just having damier overhaul! Try carrying mono or other lines for awhile and then switch back to damier later.
  10. Heya Rensky....I did the same! I'm now selling all my smaller LE bags because I just don't use them.
    It really hurt to list them...but now I'm excited for them to sell so I can buy bags I'll really use!
  11. Maybe it's just new bag excitement don't do anything rash with your damier.
  12. I would suggest putting it away for a while and using something else. If you still don't love Damier in another 6 months or so, then consider selling it. I remember when I got a mono papillon (my first LV bag besides the small pouchette), I loved it so much and wore it for like 6 months and got so sick of it and then fell in love with the big leather bags and thought that I was done with mono LV. But then sure enough, about 5-6 months later I was back!!
  13. i feel the same way about ALL my bags from time to time. so i usually put them away and then when i bring them out again, i have a renewed love for them. for example, i really didn't like my luco tote for the longest time but this week, i've been taking it everywhere and have been loving it. :yes: if after some time passes and you still feel the same, then go ahead and sell them.
  14. Hey Rensky,

    Don't feel bad, I'm kind feeling the same. I loved the damier lots, but now I'm wearing lots of floral skirts and stuff and against say, a paisley print skirt or something a damier just looks...odd.

    I've been wearing my solid color D&B bags a lot these days, and may eventually buy a mono speedy.
  15. Well, maybe it's not that you have fallen out of love with the damier, but that you are having serious first love with the batignolles!