Have I done the right thing? I really need your help pls.

  1. Hi everyone. I bought a small black leather coco cabas today. I was told by the SA that this was a reorder for the Sloane Street store and that there won't be any coco cabas for the winter season.

    I wanted a work/travel bag that wouldn't look out of date in a year. I normally wear gold jewellery and as you know this bag comes with silver hw (at least in the UK). I also carry around quite a bit. Have I done the right thing? Do you think coco cabas will be around for a while and do you think it's a chic bag rather than just a sporty chanel. Fyi, I have the black shopper with gold hw, pale yellow jumbo with silver hw and a clutch and an evening bag (both black) from Chanel.Thank you very much in adance for your input.
  2. that SA either totally lied to you or is confused. (or maybe I'm the one that is totally confused...lol) But the Coco Cabas is supposed to come back for at least one more season!!!
  3. I'm getting the larger Cabas, when it comes back in the fall, but I also wear gold jewellery, and am a bit concerned about silver HW. I love the Cabas enough to get it anyway.

    I don't see it as sporty. It's very casual though. All your other bags are structured and more elegant, so I think this is a good choice. if you want even bigger, then get the larger Cabas, when it comes back into the stores.
  4. Also... I don't think it's so trendy, that we won't want to use it for the next few years. I think it's a great, casual shape that will stand the test of time.
  5. thats a fab bag!!!!!
    congrats..its a keeper!!!!
  6. I have a black leather baby cabas too, it's a great bag, it will definately last me for many years..... my SA told me that new batch will be in in July/Aug....
  7. The cabas will come back for this year. The SA was wrong about that.
  8. I wanted this bag really bad last year, after it was completly sold out (I usually don't want anything till it's discontinued).......then I decided after a few months of longing, that it really wasn't for me. I do see it as a casual bag, and I still think it's pretty, but my own opinion is that it is trendy....no offense to anyonje who has it and feels otherwise...but I was glad I passed on this bag.