have I completely missed the boat on any of the older Bleeker stuff?

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  1. I mean at the outlets. I am not big on eBay. The bag below was one I really want.

  2. I'd say the bay is the only place you could find one right now. If you don't like evilbay, perhaps you could call your closest outlet and have them put you on a waiting list for this bleecker flap? They'll call you when one comes in. Good luck!
  3. Funny you should show that one - there was a brown one at Leesburg, VA last Friday - but I had not seen them in a very long while - they hit the outlets a while ago - sometimes a stray one will pop up.
  4. I love the bottle green colour. I got the Ink instead but would have preferred the bottle green instead. I haven't really carried mine much. It's a smaller bag but it sure felt heavy. I was planning to carry it this past Fall but it was so busy and too heavy to use on a regular basis. I just stuck with my leather hobos and ergo totes--which I still carry now because of my bulky coat.

    I hope you find your Bleecker dream bag!
  5. You did?!?! That gives me hope! :yahoo:
  6. I missed out on this line too.
    Haven't seen any in outlets in ages...and it wasn't marked down enough for me when I did see it.

    I saw small black Bleeckers only, no pretty greens.
    Your choice is lovely!
  7. They pop up when the people with buyer's remorse go through their closets to turn in stuff to buy another bag.
  8. I got my Bleecker items last year about this time at the outlets in TX and Las Vegas. They were literally covered with Bleecker stuff then. I remember a friend, who's a Coach fiend too, and I thought it odd that things still online, in stores and at boutiques was at the outlets. We were in Vegas together and went to the outlets and boutiques there and they both had Bleecker stuff. We bought at the outlets!
  9. I don't live near any outlets so I can't say if they have any or not. However, I was lucky enough to score this exact bag, which was on my wishlist, at the end of December at my local boutique's sale. So there is hope... keep your fingers crossed. I hope you're able to find one soon!
  10. The last time I saw large Bleecker Flap bags at my outlet was last winter. Your best bet may be *bay, although you could call outlet locations to see what they have.
  11. I've seen it at the outlet but its been awhile. I want to say it was the middle of last year. Best bet is to probably call the outlet and have them keep a lookout for you. Good luck!