Have I completely lost it?

  1. Girls, I went to Saks yesterday and was wearing my Argent Paddington. I went skipping through the Bag department (of course) to see if I could find any other bags I was intersted in. I could not find one that could compare to the bag I was carrying on my arm!!!!:confused1: Have I lost my mind thinking that the Paddington Satchel is the ultimate bag or are there others out there? I kept going around and around in the department and sure enough would stop to look at the Paddingtons again and again. There was this one color called dune that was TDF!!!!! And now that the Paddington Capsule is coming out, I think I might just have a heart attack....
  2. OOOOhhhhh, that's new one. What's the "dune" color like? :graucho:
    BTW, I agree about the paddy. There IS nothing that compares! It's the BEST!!!
  3. Don't worry ssangit.....I think I feel the same.....I always thought LV and MJ were the best bag designs, but after feeling Chloe paddy leather I can't even think about another bag!!!:lol:
  4. Ssangit- I agree, there is nothing better than the Chloe Paddy's in my book!!! The leather is TDF!!!!
  5. Good, I'm glad I'm not the only person around here that thinks Paddy's rock!
  6. It's not called "Paddy obsession" for nothing! :nuts: :wlae:
  7. I love the paddy, especially in choco but Bal still comes close second!
  8. No ssangit you haven't lost your mind... you came to your senses!!! :rolleyes: I did the same in NM - went through all the bags and NONE of the other designers there enticed me at all. But I did finally feel up a Chloe Bay IRL... and to me, the Bay's luxe leather came a pretty close 2nd to Paddington's smooshy and delicious leather :tup:
  9. I feel the same way- I'm a member of another fashion board and every once in a while someone makes the comment that paddington's are sooo over-- Well I can't get over mine! I still think it's the coolest bag in NM, Saks or anywhere.

    I have a quilted Bay in black that I just can't seem to fall in love with the way I love my Paddington.

    Ssangit- if you've lost it, then so have I, cause is Paddy still my # 1 bag!
  10. You sound very sweet ssangit! Your bags make you happy and thats wonderful. Good to hear you love your argent - considering mine arrives tommorow!
  12. I also still think the paddy it the #1 bag :wlae:You haven't lost your mind hehe....
    I love the argent and I'm pretty sure it is going to be my next purchase:graucho:
  13. I feel the same way. After getting my paddy, other bags just don't compare. I went to Barneys the other day and bought a Balenciaga City tote, but just can't muster up the same feelings for the bag. Even though the leather is still pretty great on the b-bag, it feels thin compared to Chloe's. I have a feeling the B-bag is going back. Chloe leather has just spoiled me!
  14. Alleluia! :tup: I am sooo glad someone else feels this way about Bbags. I also tried out Guccissima and checked out the Dior Gauchos and a few other designer leather bags by Botkier, Bulga, Be&D, Rafe, Hayden Harnett, etc...but there's just NO comparison to Chloe's smooshy, pebbly and thick leather! :heart::heart::heart:
  15. I think it's the thickness, durability, and the intoxicating smell of the the chloe paddy that gets you everytime. I have other chloe's besides the paddy and even they imo don't measure up. The paddy is still my favorite hands down!!!