Have I broke my 6 key holder

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  1. Hi All

    Today I went to use my 6 key holder and notice that 2 of my hooks missing...I found them but I notice the bar that holds the hooks seems lose. I can make it move with little pressure.

    Please help. Ive had it less than a week : (
  2. I'd gather all the pieces and take it back to the store. Have the repairs specialist take a look at it for you.
  3. My bar is loose too but none of my hooks have gone missing. Would take it back.
  4. This can happen??:faint:
  5. I recently got a six key holder and I love it! I hope the only problem with yours is that it inadvertently slid open - the top bar is made to do this. If you press down on the end the whole top bar slides over and keys and the hooks can be taken off individually - like to give to valet or whatnot. I am just glad you found your hooks and hope this is all it was because it is a great piece!
  6. Take it to the LV store. Sounds like an issue they can resolve. Let us know how you make out, good luck:smile:
  7. I just phoned customer service and they told me to take it into a store in London.

    Also I've just noticed this. I'm guessing this is not normal for the bar to be bent on the right hand side.

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  8. Took it to New Bond street and a specislist needs to look at it. It might not be able to be fixed in store so it could be sent to France. If its sent to France it could take 8 werks : (. Ive had it least then 2 weeks .
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    Hi, what happened with your key holder, did it get sent off? I've just bought a preloved one and could do with replacing all the hardware if it's inexpensive, but am curious about what they did with your practically brand new one. It's bad that you had it such a short time and they didn't replace it.

  10. Went to LV Chicago and they said it was $35 to get the key system replaced