Have I been missing out?

  1. I recently took inventory of the bags in my closet and came to the sad realization that I am really old. I stumbled upon some dusty Coach purses that are now identified as classic or vintage. :push: To be specific, the Coach bags I have include: tan Station Bag, black Court Bag, mahagony Sidepack, mahogany Duffle Sac, mahogany Backpack, black Backpack, black Metropolitan Brief, and a red Soho leather bag. I got these bags between the ages of 18 and 21. They were perfect during my college years when L.L. Bean attire was practically the uniform on campus. Recently, I have only used the black backpack (when traveling) and sidepack (while roaming around Italy during my honeymoon six years ago). Oddly, I cannot seem to part with these bags despite the fact that they are rarely used.:sad:

    Flash forward a few years (okay 12 years), I see Coach bags everywhere, albeit in much more interesting forms and mutations. There is obviously a mass love and appreciation of Coach bags. When did they become so popular? Why does it seem as if everyone has one? I apologize for my seemingly idiotic questions but, honestly, have I been missing out? Please enlighten.
  2. They came back when eBay grew in popularity. You can find all kinds of vintage bags on eBay that people are "finding" in their closets. Lots of women love the older, thicker leather and high quality of the older lines, esp those made in the USA.
  3. The older Coach bags have thicker leather... it's hard to define the difference, it's subtle but it's there, the leather is FABULOUS and the bags are just quality. noshoepolish is right, when eBay became big and when the Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags became big Coach got big again through targeting the right market with an affordable but still luxurious brand-- a lot of what brought Coach back into the limelight was the signature fabric similar to the Italian and French design houses' styles, IMO.
  4. I think Coach bags are so big and everyone seems to have one because: 1.) They are considered to be designer bags even though they aren't couture or anything like that (though bag snobs disagree with that), 2.) They're awesome designs that are versatile, and Coach usually makes at least one bag that everyone likes, 3.) Compared to other designer bags, Coach bags are infinitely more affordable, and 4.) Coach bags are easily recognizable, so for people who like for others to know they're carrying a designer bag, it will serve the purpose well without breaking the bank.
  5. Coach was my very first "designer" purse just late last year. Even though I never owned one previously, they were the only "designer" type bag that I noticed in the past when shopping but felt they were too expensive for me.

    And I just love all the options I have. I now have five Coach pieces and they are all so different. I love them all. As well as my Prada and my D&B. :smile:
  6. There were quality issues several years ago, but Coach has come back from that and their quality is impeccible now. High-end handbags in general have become incredibly popular in the last 5 years, Coach is surely riding that wave, but I think they have so much more appeal to a much wider market because of the variety of styles and their affordability.

    As for having "old" pieces in your collection. Be proud of them, I have the Court (still one of my favorites, made in New York), the Willis and the City bag in my collection and I wear them still!
  7. I agree...the "vintage" bags are still great pieces. I just bought a bag from 1993 a week ago because the leather was still in great shape and looked barely used! It's a classic that I know I can wear for a long time.
  8. Just wanted to add...if you haven't bought a Coach in several years or more, as for the leather thing, there is a difference in the "old" leather vs. the "new" leather, the new has a more vinyl-like feel to it on, but it seems to be holding up just as well as before and the construction can't be beat (IMO).
  9. Yep you have been missing out! I order you to go pick up a new bag from the Legacy line ASAP:p

    But keep the "vintage" ones too!