Have I been duped? Please help!

May 27, 2006
Ok, here goes. I bought this exact bag:

eBay: COACH CHELSEA BOUCLE TWEED PURSE HANDBAG NR (item 170048396178 end time Nov-16-06 18:38:33 PST)

and I really like it (I have the matching shoes). Anyway, this morning I was looking at my catalog that has this bag in it (to see what else I might need) and I realized that the one in the book has a GOLD hangtag instead of brown leather. I freaked immediately, b/c I usually don't buy bags off of ebay, even though I think I know what to look for in a fake (obviously not) so I came home and looked at every other one on ebay and even the ones with TAGS have a brown hangtag. So here is my question-does anyone know if this bag (or wristlet or anything in the family) came with a brown leather hangtag or just gold???:confused1:

Thanks so much!!!


Jun 28, 2006
Well the one you bought looks real. I checked the drill down and the serial number matches. I am not familiar with the line so I am not much of a help.


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Sep 3, 2006
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i always thought the hangtag was supposed to match the leather trim...so, the browns match.
and sometimes what shows up in the catalog isn't what makes it. (i know, offhand, some of the legacy stripe stuff is different. the number of stripes of stuff in stores is different from what is in the catalog, stuff like that).
regardless, i wouldn't worry.


Jul 31, 2006
I saw a different version of this bag on Saturday at Filene's Basement. It had a brown leather tag on it, not gold. Also, in catalogues, I've also seen some pics of bags I own with different color hang tags on them than what they have on them (as well as slightly different style differences).
May 27, 2006
This is making me feel a lot better! I swear, this morning when I saw the picture I felt like my heart dropped into my shoes!!! I thought 'how could I miss such an obvious detail???' I'm glad to hear that the just because the catalog shows it one way doesn't mean that they will all be that way!:smile: