Have I been cheated?!?! please help

  1. Today, I received a package.

    There was my new Groom Pochette Cles.

    My BF and I were so excited. We open the box and find a lots of things in the box.

    Of cause we found my new Groom Pochette Cles, then one receipt, one care booklet, two small tag, one HK LV stores address, two gift cards

    Then we both start to feel confuse......

    the receipt stated its HK$1800, the model is M60033, product name is CHELSEA

    isn't it called pochette cles? please correct me
    if anyone lives in HK knows how much does this cles cost, please tell me
    (or even anyone is kind enought to help me make one phone call to ask)

    the care booklet, said MONOGRAM CHERRY BLOSSOM, i was like what the hell, if anyone has a groom cles, please tell me what is your care booklet cover page says.

    does LV give out gift card? I got one with brown hard paper, one with shinny navy green.....i never had them before, please correct me

    one of the small tag said M60825, please correct me of the real model number of this cles

    this purse the seller stated new, but some of the colour of the print looks off, one of the white bit doesn't cover the canvas well, and I actually can see thr to the canvas, does this happen to your one?
    I feel so...........:shrugs: i was excited, but the next min. i was like :cursing:
  2. sorry, was too lost, forgot to post photo...

    will be on the next min
    06-11-22_21-59.jpg 06-11-22_22-00.jpg 06-11-22_22-001.jpg
  3. more photo
    06-11-22_22-51.jpg 06-11-22_22-511.jpg 06-11-22_22-52.jpg 06-11-22_22-53.jpg 06-11-22_22-531.jpg
  4. I looked up that model number (M60825) online to see what it matches, and it matches a regular monogram credit card wallet. This one (M60033) does match the Groom Cles. The Chelsea is a Damier shoulder bag. Where or who did you order this from? They gave you a cherry blossom care booklet too! Wow, that sounds way too fishy to not mention.

    It's supposed to come with one of the light brown tags that you have and a white one which states the model number and the item.
  5. I bought from a New Zealand online auction. The seller said her BF bought from Hong Kong Central LV Stop, but her prefer the wallet, so she sell this and get the wallet instead.

    Will the model code different between cities?
  6. The model numbers won't differ, I'm almost sure of that. Never have I seen a model number stamped on to the light brownish tag like that. Can u provide a picture of the Louis Vuitton stamping inside the Cles?
  7. im sorry to say this but it looks counterfeint to me yo ushould return it!
  8. oh no, they just mix these up for u, that actually happened to me too, bought cerise got vernis booklet. But the coin wallet was authentic, think the seller just want to make the package full...
    Need experts to check the photo
  9. Especially the tag with the stamped model number on it. The font on the tag looks waaaay off...
  10. the green evelops means it's FAKE!! hurry up and return
  11. Sorry but the cles does not look good:sad: . Here's mine, please compare it to yours, especially the shadows on the bell boy and ground. Furthermore, the cards,tags and box is fake. Retail in HK dollars should be less than $1600 (I'm not sure how much to be exact but surely not $1800)
    Anyway of returning it?:sweatdrop:Edit to add: I just double checked.Your Groom Cles is definitely fake. Sorry.

  12. looks like you got a fake. the box is fake with the sticker of the model number on the outside, and the 'gift cards' in a dark green type is fake.. and the font is off too. i've seen these type of wallets and etc been 'gifted' to my friends' friends/relatives, so i'm pretty sure yours is the same. sorry, hope you get your return/money back asap!.

    model numbers are usually printed on a white tag with a barcode on it (it's how the SA's scan for point-of-sales) so they won't differ from one item to the next of the same item (it's like at the regular store.. 3 x blue sweater = same number times 3.

    good lucK!!
  13. Yeah, looks like you may have been cheated. Those envelopes and the stamping on the tag with the 'M60825' make it look fake. Plus the sticker on the box it came with looks a bit funky as well.
  14. i'm trying hard to take some photos...very hard...since the purse so small
  15. Oh, one more thing, I think it's approx HK$1400...