Have fakes been made of the Magenta bags?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. The ones I have seen on eBay lately have all been legit.
  2. hmmm i'm not sure about this... but i think i haven't seen a fake magenta yet
  3. Hopefully it hasn't:smile:
  4. i think i've seen fake magenta...although not believable ones.
  5. I saw a fake magenta first on eBay once... the leather was crispy looking. gross
  6. Yeah, I'm sure there are fake magentas but I haven't seen any good ones. They look plastic. I think there are more believable fakes of the metallic magenta though.
  7. i havent seen one....
    but these days, i believe there is a fake for EVERYTHING.....
  8. crispy leather? eeeuuuwwwww!:yucky:
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