Have Decided on the Mia Patent Tote! But ...

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  1. Do I go with the midnight or the dove? Votes?
  2. i think the midnight is stunning and no worry about color transfer.
  3. i say midnight as well that color is gorgeous and in my experience a blue that color is usually fairly htf especially in patent.
  4. I vote Midnight. Love that color when I saw it on a Mia in my local FP. Totally gorgeous!
  5. I love the midnight color...and if there is a chance of color transfer...definitely the darker color.
  6. Ditto
  7. Midnight!
  8. I have been eyeing the midnight on the website...haven't seen IRL but this is the color I'd go with. I love the dove color but am afraid of transfer like everyone else.
  9. My dove one is holding up very well...the way it sits on my shoulder does not get it near my jeans. So I am totally not worried about transfer.
    I have never seen the midnight in real life, but I heard it was not as pretty as the Midnight leather Maggie. So I can't really vote without being biased. The color on the dove is really nice.
    Either color would be great...this tote style is the best. I am a satchel girl...so for me to buy a tote, you know it's gotta be something great. LOL!
  10. I vote midnight.
  11. Midnight! I saw one at my store too and its awesome!
  12. Hi,
    I saw the Midnight Maggie and she was a very Pretty color!!! I say go for it!!! the Patent Midnight Mia tote would be very Nice!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Midnight...
  14. Midnight! It's a gorgeous color!
  15. Another vote for midnight!