Have coeurs been faked?

  1. Just wondering if all the coeurs on eBay right now are the real deal.:shrugs: Not sure if these have been faked yet.
  2. I haven't seen any fakes yet and I try to stay up to date by visiting many of the replica sites. I dont buy, I just watch for what NOT to buy on eBay. lol

    They are usually WAY behind on accessories and especially Vernis. They never perfected the Vernis items 100%. Multicolor maybe and only just recently, but it is such a formed piece, I am thinking with careful judgement it would be possible to weed them out. Even the super fakes.

    I plan on buying a white multi heart on eBay this week I hope, so I'm praying they're real!!
  3. I haven't seen any luckily. But I do fear there are some out there. :sad:
  4. i havn't seen any fake ones yet, but I'm sure they're coming!